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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrapping solutions is a model that has traveled from the United kingdom very recently to Dubai and has instantly become a hit among Interior designing companies along with their clients due to its versatile properties and pocket-friendly prices. Vinyl Wrapping your bathroom surfaces? It may sound absolutely absurd but is infact a rather popular choice among numerous clients who wish to refurbish their bathroom spaces. When renovating a bathroom space we need to keep in mind the lighting, color and space to select the right print, texture and color of vinyl wraps. Renovating bathrooms is not only limited to cabinet wraps but also to the flooring, doors and shower decks. Read on to understand all there is to know about bathroom wraps.

  1. Benefits of bathroom wraps over traditional remodeling options:

Among the various benefits, the water repellent finish tops it all by protecting the wood work from moisture and mold. Wrapping your bathroom surfaces with Vinyl wraps help you to maintain your wood for a prolonged period of time with its water repellent finishes and protective layers.

  • Affordable Vinyl renovation:

Vinyl Wrapping solutions are an affordable way to renovate spaces with the best design options, textures and prints. They are pocket friendly, easy to install and come with a team of highly skilled technicians when you hire a team from bathroom renovation companies Dubai.

  • Easy Maintenance:

All bathroom surfaces that are vinyl wrapped are super easy to maintain with the only requirement of a dry cloth. Due to its protective layers, no moisture layer will continue to stick for a long duration of time and can be wiped clean with a simple dry microfiber cloth. All Vinyl Wrap Dubai come with easy maintenance guides that offer zero additional purchases of chemicals or service sessions.

  • Versatile usage:

Vinyl wraps can cover a versatile range of surfaces such as flooring, counter tops, walls, cabinets and even shower decks. These wall wrap can be used to cover almost all areas in your bathroom to protect from fungus and mold along with giving a fresh, vibrant look!

To conclude, Vinyl wraps in Bathroom surfaces is the new and an In-Vogue option to go for whenever opting for a renovation model. Bathroom Renovation Dubai companies such as Touchstone Wrap offer affordable and top of the line quality with highly skilled technicians who deliver in a day’s time. So the next time one wishes to upscale their bathrooms from the old vintage and rustic look to a classy, sophisticated space, go for vinyl wrapping your bathrooms with the best home renovation solutions at Touchstone Wrap, Dubai.

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