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Everything to Know About Pandavar Illam Age of Cast for Fans

Pandavar Illam is a Tamil T.V. series that airs on Sun T.V. From Monday to Saturday released on 15 July 2019. Papri Ghosh, Naresh Eswar, Guhan Shanmugam, and Aarthi Subash are the leading legends of the series, with a supporting cast including Delhi Kumar, Mohammed Absar, Rani, and Sonia. Also, here in this post, we will discuss Pandavar Illam age of actors and actresses in this famous T.V. series and many other details that interest most of you.

The storyline of the Pandavar Illam TV Series:

Pandavar Illam is a family show; This television series is about the colossal legacy of Periya Sundaram and her five grandchildren, the Sundaram family, which is entirely taboo for women. These “mainly male” families vowed not to marry immediately after losing their relatives at the time of their marriage. Furthermore, Kayal, a kind and energetic city lord, is determined to marry the youngest Sundaram. At the same time, Zamindar’s mischievous daughter, Vedanayaki, is passionate about Sundaram lineage marriages. Will ‘Pandavar Illam’ pave the way for women?

Indeed, women are prohibited from entering the sprawling ancestral home of Periya Sundaram and his five grandchildren, Raja Sundaram Pandavar, Nala Sundaram Pandavar, Azhagu Sundaram Pandavar, Anbu Sundaram Pandavar, and Kuti Sundaram Pandavar. In addition, this “common people” family, having lost their relatives at his marriage, vowed not to marry. Of course, Mrs. Kayalvizhi, a hypocrite, has been preparing for his marriage to Kutty Sundaram.


KS Jayalakshmi is a leading actor in Tamil films and T.V. series. However, she has appeared in various films in open positions with various famous casts and has achieved unprecedented fame. In addition, she entered the television medium. She took on various supporting characters, which she perfectly created and won loyal fans among all age groups.

Mohamed Absar:

Muhammad Absar is an Indian artist. He is also popular in the group with his work in movements like Saamy Square (2018) and T.V. shows like Thamarai, Uravugal Sangamam, En Iniya Thoziye, etc. However, she is pretty well known for her association with Tamil films, blockbusters, and multilingual T.V. in the past show. In addition, he is also quite famous as Apsar and Abser.

S.N. Parvathi:

S.N. Parvathi is a Tamil artist. She has also acted in Tamil films and T.V. series. However, her show film was Panam Tharum Parisu, which was released in 1965. She acted in more than 200 films.

Revathi Sankaran:

Revathi Sankaran is a popular T.V. and film artist. Also, she started her career in 1998 with the film “Kaadhala”, starring Rasalakshmi. The film won the hearts of many people and critics.

Aarthi Subash:

Aarti Subash is a T.V. presenter turned artist working in the Tamil T.V. industry. She received recognition for her appearance as a face in the television series Sun Pandavar Illam. Also, Aarti grew up in the beautiful city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She also gave her presentation on the broadcasting business with Pandavar. However, she later starred in several short films and web series.

Guhan Shanmugam:

Guhan Shanmugam stars in the Tamil series Vani Rani supplied by Radaan Mediaworks. He portrayed the personality of Rajesh in the series, which made him famous for the seriousness of his personality. Also, he had a Malaysian girlfriend on the show; Guhan took on the role quickly and got a lot of appreciation due to his personality.


Rani is a famous actress from the Tamil T.V. series. In addition, she is listed for her exhibition as a tough woman, often bordering on dangerous duties. However, fans love her, especially the woman, because she shows great affection for the man she chooses.

Sonia Bose:

Sonia is an Indian film actress. She is pretty famous in South Indian films, especially in Malayalam. In addition, she made her film debut as a young handyman in the 1979 Malayalam film Ival Oru Naadodi at the age of three. Sonia has appeared in many films as a child entertainer named Baby Sonia. In her youth, she was the entertainer of many children’s craftsmen, including Baby Shalini. Also, she played an essential role in this famous drama.

Ending Thoughts:

I hope after reading this post about Pandavar Illam’s age of the cast, you are now fully aware of this popular Tamil drama. Suppose you like to know about this drama cast age. In that case, you can also visit websites like Past News for more information.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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