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Everything That You Must Check When Buying a Car Phone Mount

It is never a good practice to talk over the phone or check messages while driving your car or riding a bike. Therefore, a car phone mount is an excellent buy for those who simply cannot stay without their phone. Phone mounts let you call, check maps, and check messages and emails without having to pull over. That said, choosing the right phone mount can be tricky, owing to the variety of options available in the market.

Know what to look for when setting out to purchase a car phone mount for your car or bike.

Phone Mount: Every Factor that You Must Check Before Buying It

It Should Be Extremely User-Friendly

Make sure to install the phone mount at your eye level; be it on your bike or car. If you like a phone mount with windshield mounting preference, then make sure you don’t have issues with the front visibility. See that you don’t face difficulties while accessing the phone mounts when choosing a phone mount from car accessories in India store online.

Plus, after installing them, their essential ports and buttons shouldn’t be covered as well. Phone mounting and dismounting should be a trick as well.

Look for Helpful Features in the Car Phone Mount

You can mount the phone holders on the car’s AC vent. You can even mount them on the windshield or the dashboard. However, not every car phone mount is the same. Some of the phone mounts are designed exclusively for Smartphone models. If you have a small to medium-sized smartphone, go for a universal phone mount that can accommodate all types of mobile. Such phone mounts can adjust different devices. To buy such phone mounts and charger for car, visit online car accessories store right away.

Also, check out the phone mount’s dimensions. Remember, theCar phone mount with correct dimensions wouldn’t have any room for vibrations in the holder. 

The Phone Mounts Must Be Durable Enough

Since your ultimate agenda in buying a Car phone mount is to secure your phone, you must look for a car phone mount that is robustly engineered to keep the phone in one place. See that the phone keeps your phone in one place, despite deep pot-holders, frequent brakes and speed breakers. The premium phone mounts are made of premium rubber.

Check How Handy the Phone Mounts Are

You must look for the phone mount’s ultimate handiness. Such phone mounts should offer you the liberty to zoom out at least 4 inches. The phone mounts must be handy enough to let you rotate it for 360 degrees and tilt the same sidewards to at least 45 degrees. Also, you must be able to pivot the mount from one side to another without any disruption.

Phone Mounts Should be Necessarily Stylish

Always look for lightweight phone mounts that also take up minimal space both on your bike and car. Apart from this, they should also look elegant and complement your dashboard. The car phone mount that you invest in should be able to withstand weather conditions without easily losing its suction power.

Your Handy Guideline to Determine the Best Car Phone Mount

The phone mounts are an invaluable purchase that keeps your phone secure. Here is a list of all the best types of phone mounts that you can consider.

Vent Car Phone Mount with Jelly Grip

The jelly grip car phone mount is the best, owing to how you can adjust it. The solid metal hook extends through the mount’s vent opening. It extends over the horizontal louvres and around the vertical louvres. The side grip comes with a spring load which securely keeps your phone up. It also lets you slide out your phone.

Wireless Phone Mounts

Wireless car phone mounts are a strategic mix of a wireless phone charger and car phone mount. Such wireless phone mounts come with three types of mounting options; You can mount them on your car’s standard dashboard. Or you can consider mounting them on your car’s stereo or even on the vents. 

Universal Smartphone Air Vent Phone Mounts

The universal smartphone air vent phone mounts work excellently with the vertical-slat car vents by locking on with a tin clip for a tighter grip. It doesn’t matter how to rotate the car phone mount, the phone holder maintains its tight grip. 

Easy Tough Air Vent Mounts

The air vent phone mounts are reasonably priced and are the best choice. They come in two parts and are easy to install. All you have to do is snap the car vent clip to the back of your mount and attach the clamp loaded with spring. The mount keeps your phone in one place through its lock and releases feature. 

Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount

The magnetic phone mounts don’t budge when you pull your phone off. You can slide them into both vertical and horizontal slats easily. The mount’s clamp grip holds on to the rubber clip for a stronghold.

All of these are some of the best car phone mount options that you can consider for your car. Choosing a phone mount shouldn’t be difficult if you follow the above-mentioned tips. They are sure to make every trip interesting and convenient. With the right phone mount installed, you need not worry about missing important calls and urgent emails anymore.

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Ahsan Khan
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