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 Essential FAQs on Car Servicing

Car owners must service their vehicles as per the recommended schedule, which helps keep their cars in good condition.

But, not all car owners like to service their cars on time. And the reasons could be many, from not having enough time to restricting money outgo.

Regardless of their reasons, putting off or postponing car servicing is a bad practice. And, you should avoid it.

If you do not service your car on time, you will not be able to detect minor flaws that might have developed. And those defects can develop into significant problems over time if you continue to drive your car without fixing the minor defects.

Remember, any development of significant defects necessitates significant money outgo in fixing them. As such, it will not be wrong to say that you will lose considerable money if you fail to service your car regularly.

So, it will help if you explore the relevant answers to a few frequently asked questions(FAQs) to understand the nitty-gritty aspects of car servicing.

#1. What is the Average Duration of Car Servicing?

There is no such thing as a universal duration of car servicing. So, the servicing time predominantly depends on the model of the car and the type of service required. For example, a car in good condition due to regular servicing can be serviced within 1 or 2 hours. In contrast, the mechanic may require 2 to 4 hours for logbook service.

#2. What is the Impact of Mileage on Car Servicing Costs?

Typically, the mileage of your car has a direct impact on the servicing cost. So, the more the mileage, the more the servicing costs.

You should make a car service cost comparisonbefore you take your car to a car service station.

#3. Where to Service My Car–at a Dealership or Private Mechanic?

It is a pertinent question that bears relevance to not only the servicing cost but also the quality of service. And the answer is–it depends on your car’s condition and convenience.

Again, it will not always be correct to believe that a dealership will cost you more than a private mechanic, given the prevalence of capped prices.

Again, good dealerships honor the warranty even if you take your car to a private mechanic for servicing. However, the mechanic should adhere to the relevant recommendations of the servicing.

Engaging a private mechanic is also a good option. It is not only cheaper but also entails some advantages. For example, you can monitor and examine the work. But, you cannot do so when you choose a service station.

You can make your choice at your convenience. But, you should not fail to research the prevailing car servicing costs of dealerships and private mechanics.

Besides, you should develop a good understanding of the various cost factors.

#4. What is a Capped Pricing Scheme?

In Australia, the practice of car manufacturers offering the Capped Pricing Scheme is gaining popularity day by day. For car owners, the scheme allows keeping the car maintenance cost stable at a certain level.

The scheme allows the car servicing cost to remain at a particular level for a certain duration, subject to the fulfillment of some conditions.

Due to the scheme, car owners can determine the servicing costs they need to incur in advance.

#5. What are Major and Minor Car Servicing?

The mechanic conducts small repairs, engine inspections, or tyre pressure checks in a minor service. Usually, minor services are not time-consuming and require fewer tools.

You must take your car for minor servicing every 6 or 12 months or every 10,000km.

On the other hand, major car servicing involves a detailed inspection of your car. And the underlying intent is to ensure that all components are working properly.


So, you have gained crucial car servicing knowledge from these FAQs. You can now confidently take your car to the service station.

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