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Empty cache? That’s how you do that!

Empty cache? That’s how you do that!
Do you also suffer from a slow smartphone? There is a chance that this is due to a full cache. But what exactly is this? In this blog we will tell you what cache memory is and how to delete it on your smartphone View Cache Files Android.

What is cache memory?

A cache memory is a type of short-term memory. Almost all apps and browsers use this. These cache temporary files, such as your search history or a song you just listened to. So have you just visited a Wikipedia page? Then the images will load faster the next time you visit this page because of your cache memory. But you guessed it: your cache memory takes up more and more storage over time. This could be the cause of your slow smartphone. So time to clear your cache!

Clear your iPhone cache

Fortunately, emptying the cache of your iPhone is a snap. This is how you delete your temporary memory:

  • Go to Settings’;
  • Click ‘General’ and then ‘iPhone Storage’;
  • Now choose the apps you want to clean. Done!
  • Tip: check which apps use the most storage. Perhaps there is an app that you no longer use at all. You can immediately remove this from your smartphone.

Clear your Android phone’s cache

Do you have an Android phone and do you want to clear the cache? It goes like this:

Go to the settings of your smartphone;
Click on ‘Storage’ and then choose a category that you want to clean;
Choose an application. Now you see how much storage space this cache uses;
Click on ‘Clear cache’. Et voilà: your temporary memory has been erased.
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How to clear your browser’s cache

Did you know that your browser stores quite a lot of temporary files? Time to clear this cache too!

Here’s how to clear Safari’s cache on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings’;
  • Click on ‘Safari’;
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Advanced’;
  • Click on ‘Website data’;
  • Press ‘Delete all website data’.
  • Do you have an Android phone or iPhone, such as the iPhone 14 , and do you use Chrome?

Then you clear the cache of your browser as follows:

Go to the Chrome application;
Tap the three dots next to the address bar;
Click on ‘Settings’;
Click on ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Clear cache’.
Good to know: in this menu you can also delete your browser data, browser history and cookies.

Are you ready to clear your cache? This blog should help with that. Say goodbye to your slow smartphone! Do you want to clean your entire phone? Read our other blog: Clean your phone in 5 steps .

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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