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9 Best Emotional Support Animal Services in USA

Emotional Support Animal Online is one of the top Support Animal Services in the USA. Founded by Dr. Philip Mason, Emotional Support Animal Online helps to ensure that individuals receive quality service and support for their Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). The company’s services include ESA registration, pet training, animal health and behavior consultations, home visits, and other resources to help individuals live with an ESA. Emotional Support Animal Online also provides helpful advice and educational materials on ESAs to those who are interested in learning more about them. With their expertise and dedication to providing exceptional service, Emotional Support Animal Online has become a trusted name for Emotional Support Animals Services in the USA.

1. Certified Service Pets: Certified Service Pets offer a simple, straightforward process for ESA certification, including an online mental health assessment and the option to speak with a licensed mental health professional (LMHP), if needed.

2. AnimalCompany: AnimalCompany helps provide peace of mind by offering 24/7 customer service assistance in addition to their ESA certification packages. The company also provides helpful resources on how to care for your pet and handle travel arrangements as well as Emotional Support Animal Doctor rights information.

3. GoodDoctors: GoodDoctors is based around providing quality service through its “Good Care Team” which consists of LMHPs and veterinarians who are committed to helping you with your emotional support animal.

4. ESARegistrationofAmerica: ESA Registration of America is a non-profit organization that offers simple, affordable, and secure emotional support animal registration services with fast processing times.

5. EmotionalPetSupport: Emotional Pet Support simplifies the process of registering your pet as an emotional support animal with their free, online registration kit and 24/7 customer service team.

6. USAServiceAnimals: USA Service Animals helps ensure the rights of owners by providing pre-screening for those who are looking to sign up for an ESA certification package. The company also offers additional resources on travel & housing rights, public access requirements, and more.

7. MyTherapyPet: MyTherapyPet offers legitimate ESA certification, as well as a wide range of resources related to emotional support animals. They provide 24/7 customer service and free webinars on how to properly care for your pet and handle travel arrangements.

8. AnimalAssistanceNetwork: Animal Assistance Network is a non-profit organization committed to helping owners understand their rights under the ADA and other federal laws regarding emotional support animals.

9. SupportAnimals: SupportAnimals helps streamline the process of getting an emotional support animal with detailed instructions, comprehensive training materials for you and your pet, and additional support services. The company also provides up-to-date information about the latest laws relating to ESA housing & travel rights.

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