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Emerging Technologies and Business Cybersecurity


In the increasingly dynamic world of business today, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet and Things (IoT), blockchain have become nice indubitable elements in forever evolving organizations. No doubt these changes have led to remarkable transformations in the ways business is conducted revolutionizing it for the better. But alongside these new opportunities also arise fresh challenges; specifically, in the field of cyber security.

Business Cybersecurity through Advancing Technologies

AI, IoT, and block chain technology are now integrated into the business cybersecurity aspects in which they have improved it multi-dimensionally. Such technologies have features that allow business entities to enhance their cybersecurity and remain safe from security breaches.

AI is a remarkable tool facilitating in managing the security of organizations through automating threat detection and response processes. AI-enabled security infrastructures enable businesses to evaluate and assess the risks of cyber-attacks on their systems threats. In addition, AI can also perform some form of simulations that would imitate cyber-attacks in order to show vulnerabilities and test the usefulness of security policies; businesses have the option to be proactive with their defenses.

IoT has additionally impacted business cybersecurity. The engagement in the use of connected devices results to a bigger attack surface on which businesses can have cyber threats. Nevertheless, IoT devices can turn into sensors that collect data and offer insights for organizations’ security teams. Besides encryption and authentication algorithms, IoT can also facilitate these processes which makes it difficult for hackers to reach the system data files.

Blockchain technology has been receiving considerable attention on its ability to enhance the security of data and by extension, shielding it from cyber attacks. Due to the decentralized nature and Distributed Ledger System architecture, blockchain makes it almost impossible for hackers to achieve any alteration or manipulation of data. This technology has already been successfully implemented in different industries, including the financial and healthcare sectors so as to ensure data safety due to cyber crime.

Embracing Emerging Technologies for Cyber Hacking

Businesses can use the new upcoming technologies to improve their cybersecurity in the form of a layering defense mechanism. In this approach, several types of security measures are implemented concurrently including firewalls, encryption and access controls with a view to thwarting multiple forms of cyber attacks. With the use of AI based cybersecurity solutions, businesses can automate threat detection and response thereby significantly reducing dependency on human security teams for these routine functions leaving them to focus on more urgent matters. Also, IoT devices can act as sensors and monitor network traffic for any unusual activity.

However, business entities can also employ emerging technologies to enhance their incident response mechanisms. For example, AI can pinpoint and quarantine any infected devices on a network whereas blockchain technology helps trace the origin of cyber attacks.

Addressing the Challenges

Like any new technology, the emerging technologies also bring about their own challenges, especially in cyber security. The waiting time for a new modification in technology, however often to receive more advanced cyber threats can be challenging with the response coming long minutes after and leading firms susceptible.

In addition to the diplomatic measures that are necessary for introducing such new technologies, their integration also demands sufficient levels of training and educating employees. If employees do not have sufficient understanding and knowledge, they may inadvertently behave riskily- phishing emails are opened by mistake or passwords that can be easily broken is established. Thus the organization’s security suffers as a whole.


No doubt that new technologies bring many benefits for business but advancement can bring a lot of challenges, especially on the matter of cyber security. Nevertheless, relying on these technologies and implementing a multi-layer defense system allows businesses to improve the security level and assure that they are resistant against cyber threats. Being informed and updated is crucial for businesses.

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