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Email Marketing 101: How Strategic Email Campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns are essential to every ecommerce shop’s arsenal.

When it comes to promotions, there’s really no better way to keep your current customers, rescue old ones, and gain new purchases.

The problem is that countless automated emails flood customers’ inboxes daily.

That’s why there are innumerable articles online all about how you can unsubscribe from all the noise and clean up your inbox.

So, unless you’re handling your email marketing smartly and creatively, it’s going to go unread and be a waste of your time.

But good newsletters can make all the difference, keeping your audience engaged, building strong customer relationships, and expanding your reach.

The key is crafting impactful messages and email marketing campaigns that your customers want to read. If you can do this, you’ll increase sales and promote your brand like never before.

In this deep dive article, we’ll cover:

  1. What email marketing is.
  2. Why it’s crucial for online shops.
  3. How email marketing can be beneficial (statistics).
  4. The steps to set up an email marketing program.
  5. How to build your email list.
  6. The best email tools to use for your next campaign.
  7. How to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.
  8. Best practices for email marketing.
  9. Beautiful examples of email campaigns from B2C experts.

Let’s get started helping you create email marketing campaigns that are a slam dunk when it comes to boosting your sales.

What is Email Marketing?

Many online businesses rely on email marketing, which is the act of sending promotional materials through email. It’s an effective digital marketing strategy that reaches your customers via their inbox.

Emails for cart abandonment, sales, and product announcements are common, but they can be sent in almost any situation and to any customer or potential customer.

Recent customers and potential customers on a newsletter list can be nurtured and encouraged through email. It’s all about how you set up your email marketing campaign.

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