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Educating a Boxer: advice and good education practices

The boxer is not the most obvious breed of dog to train when you are new to dog training. On the other hand, for an experienced master or by calling on a professional, training this mastiff with a strong character will give very good results.

Here are our 8 Boxer training tips, to be used without moderation

Tip n°1: start education very early

Starting the education of your Boxer early will make your job much easier. The ideal is to start as soon as you arrive at home, establishing very clear rules from the start. These must be respected by the whole family, and if possible determine them even before welcoming your puppy. The earlier this work is done, the more your Boxer will be receptive to it.

Tip #2: Socialize your Boxer

Socialization is a key step in the education of the Boxer. It should preferably be performed during its first twelve weeks of life. When you have adopted your Boxer, he will already be at least eight weeks old, which will leave you four weeks maximum to multiply contacts. Of course, the breeder will have already started this work upstream, but that’s no reason to slack off. Introduce your Boxer dog to his new environment while increasing positive encounters, whether canine, human, or with any other animal he may encounter. This is an important step for him to assimilate the codes of behavior in society

Tip #3: Exercise with your dog

The Boxer is a dog full of energy and a simple daily walk will not be enough to satisfy him. Agility and canicross are activities in which he excels and which suit his needs perfectly. Moreover, a Boxer in a deficit of physical activity will be much more complicated to educate. Responding to their needs will make it easier for you. So whatever activity you choose, take enough time with your dog so that he can exercise himself: well in his paws, well in his head!

Tip #4: Be patient

Patience will be your best ally in the education of your Boxer. It is indeed a stubborn dog and it will not be necessary to be afraid to repeat again and again the orders and the exercises until they are perfectly assimilated. Of course, all with kindness and without any aggressiveness or brutality. Because if your dog knows how to be a real mule, he is also a ball of love and intelligence.

Tip #5: Stay consistent with your Boxer

The Boxer needs a framework with clear rules, well established and above all respected without exception by all the members of the family with whom he lives. Changing the rules, even occasionally, will confuse your dog and he won’t know how to react. Moreover, it is better to prohibit in order to authorize later, than the reverse. Indeed, it is always easier to unlearn than to learn, and this allows you to be globally more coherent with your dog.

Tip #6: Learn recall and quit

It is essential to teach your Boxer to recall, that is to say the fact of coming back, if only to have a minimum of control over him. For this, a simple “bring” while playing with him, or “on foot” is enough, because these are short and easily understandable orders. As for renunciations such as the “stop” or the “coward”, they are also essential to teach your dog. Indeed, the Boxer is a dog with a fiery temperament, which could very well set off in pursuit of prey and quickly escape your vigilance.

Tip #7: Hire a dog trainer

The stubborn character of the Boxer can quickly get you into trouble if you lack experience or are a little too lax. In this case, a dog trainer may be a good option so as not to miss your dog’s education. You can also anticipate and find the dog trainer before problems arise. He will be able to give you the right advice for your Boxer, but also for yourself, which will be a great help throughout your relationship.

Tip n°8: be kind to your Boxer

The education of your Boxer should always be positive and based on mutual trust. Consequently, violence and punishment must be banned from your interactions with your dog. Prefer rewards when an exercise is successful, with treats, hugs and encouraging words. Conversely, feign ignorance when he fails. Always repeat the same work as long as your companion fails to execute it. Your Boxer should trust you, not fear you.

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