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Dubai desert safari and Khorfakkan tour

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A dune safari in the desert is one of the must-do activities. Most adventurous thrill-seekers have a desert safari on a dune buggy on their wish list. If you enjoy interacting with these powerful all-terrain vehicles, take this trip.

The hill buggy tour is another type of desert safari. Visitors to Dubai must go on a desert safari because no trip is complete without a desert safari.

Why book a Desert Safari?

We always try to provide customer-friendly service. Desert safari 35 AED package includes lots of sand buggy fun to make your vacation even better. In addition, we offer a customer-friendly policy so that everyone can book a package with complete satisfaction.

Many people travel to the Dubai desert to participate in desert safaris, which are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. As a result, we offer various discounts and offers. Don’t forget to use them!

What does this package offer?

Desert safaris are becoming more popular, but dune buggies are also great. With this in mind, we created a combination called “Dune Buggy and Desert Safari.” Let us guide you through the details of a desert safari in a dune buggy.

Check website: https:/www.dubaidesertsafari.com/

Tour with Land Cruiser

This adventure begins with a desert tour. Enjoy the beauty of the desert in a specially designed Land Cruiser. This will enhance your vacation experience. 

 Enjoy the camel ride safari:

  1. A camel is a tall animal with long legs and a long neck.
  2. Camels are usually found in deserts.
  3. Camels are used as pack animals because they can carry heavy loads long distances without getting tired or thirsty.
  4. The average camel weighs about 2,000 pounds (900 kg).
  5. A camel is about 7 feet (2 meters) tall at the shoulder.
  6. Camels are good at climbing rocks and hills because they have two big toes. It also has cushioned feet to protect against the hot desert sand.
  7. Where can you ride a camel in Dubai?
  8. We will give you good advice if you want to go on a camel safari alone. I think you will face many problems that will spoil your travel experience.
  9. Various companies in Dubai offer camel safaris to help visitors navigate these changes, and our company, Desert Leap Safari, is well known. We offer our valued guests the opportunity to ride camels in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 
  10. Additionally, we have a customer-friendly policy that makes booking one of our travel packages easy and stress-free. In addition to camel safari, we offer a variety of desert safari tour packages for our guests.

Khorfakkan Tour:

Adventure Group offers you a very relaxed and comfortable experience – no hustle and bustle, no city hustle and bustle. The squeaky clean beaches, charming artificial waterfalls, ancient-themed architecture, and mountains between clear skies are all there for you. For more detail, checks the Khorfakkan tour website.

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