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Dry Needling: Four Ways They Benefit You

Muscle knots, known as trigger points, may become a persistent source of discomfort. Pain is typically referred from the trigger point to other body parts. As long as the trigger point is there, it will continue stimulating neurons and sending pain signals to the brain. Trigger points hurt because they are constantly stimulated, making the nerves more sensitive.

Dry Needling Physiotherapy Services is among the most effective methods for breaking the cycle of trigger point pain. Dry needling is only one of the many services that Langley Fraser Physio focuses on. You may be certain that eliminating your suffering is a primary concern. Read on to find out what trigger points are and to discover the top four benefits of Dry Needling Physiotherapy Services.

Trigger Point Theory and Practice

A trigger point is a localized area where muscle fibres are knotted together. Muscle knots arise when the muscle contracts and doesn’t release. Your nerves and blood vessels get compressed due to the constant muscle contraction, and you experience discomfort from the tight knot it creates.

However, inactivity, sitting for long durations, or lying in bed for long periods may also cause muscular knots. Lack of exercise leads to muscular atrophy and an increase in the prevalence of trigger points.

Listed below are four of the benefits of dry needling.

To relieve muscular tension, boost circulation, decrease swelling, and kick off the healing process, a needle identical to that used in acupuncture is put into the trigger point. Furthermore, nerve transmission is improved, and your body’s endogenous painkillers are released, thanks to this technique.

Dry needling’s four beneficial effects are the following:


Most associate trigger points with neck, upper back, and shoulder knots. However, you may have the same problem elsewhere in your body, which may be related to health problems such as neck and back pain, joint pain, and overuse injuries.

You’ll feel better when the knot eases and blood circulation returns to normal. When blood flow is enhanced, acidic wastes are flushed out, and oxygen and nutrients are delivered to tired muscles, speeding their recovery.

Many patients report immediate relief from regional and systemic pain after only one Dry Needling Physiotherapy Service. For others, the best pain alleviation may need many sessions. Your treatment plan will be based on the severity and number of trigger points.


Tense, painful muscles are one of the most incapacitating conditions imaginable. You may find it difficult to move about if you have several trigger points. When you’re not using your muscles, they atrophy and shrink.

It is common practice to combine dry needling with Physiotherapy in Langley to help patients achieve optimal results in regaining mobility and building muscle. You retrain your muscles when participating in Physiotherapy in Langley, which may help you avoid developing new trigger points.


Without exception, the best way to promote healing and speed up the recovery process after an injury or surgery is to keep your body moving. You’ll need Physiotherapy in Langley more than anything else while you heal. However, when Dry Needling Physiotherapy Services is combined with physical therapy, progress is made more quickly.


Dry needling has shown promising results in treating chronic pain conditions, including myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. Trigger points in the fascia cause myofascial pain syndrome, the layer of connective tissue that surrounds and supports your muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs. Dry needling and Physiotherapy Clinic in Langley are two of the most successful treatments for this persistent pain.

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