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Drop Foot Braces!

Drop Foot Braces!

If you are looking for a drop foot brace, you are in luck. These can be ordered online or by mail. All you need to do is take some basic measurements and you’ll be on your way to a perfect fit. Here are three options: SaeboStep, Free Flex, and Turbomed.


SaeboStep drop foot braches provide a comfortable and secure fit to most patients. They can be sized to fit all ankle circumferences, and require no cutting or adjustments. In addition, they can be used with most shoe styles. However, if you have trouble wearing shoes with eyelets, the SaeboStep accessory kit can be used to convert your shoe.

The SaeboStep drop foot braces provides optimum foot clearance and lifts the front of the foot when walking. The brace attaches to the outside of most shoes and is lightweight. This makes it comfortable to wear with almost any shoe. It also has a Boa lift dial so you can adjust the angle and release tension on your foot as necessary. The brace attaches to shoe eyelets with a Spectra Cord or an accessory kit.

Foot drop is a common disability that affects millions of people worldwide. Those who suffer from foot drop often experience limited mobility and an increased risk of falling. Orthotics for foot drop range from ankle-foot orthosis braces to external strap-on support systems. The SaeboStep drop foot brace is one of the most versatile shoe orthotic options available today.

Free Flex:

Free Flex drop foot braces are made of medical grade materials. This means that they are ten times stronger than the standard retail type. The brace is easy to wear, and the wraparound design makes it easy to put on. It also features medical grade fasteners that ensure a secure fit all day.

One of the benefits of Free Flex drop foot braces is their full refund policy. These braces help prevent atrophy by allowing the foot to flex naturally when walking. They also stimulate muscle activity during walking, preventing the onset of atrophy. These braces are available in a variety of styles and designs.

Free Flex Drop Foot Braces have a low profile and are effective in helping people with drop foot improve their mobility. They also help maintain foot dorsiflexion, which is vital for healthy walking. AT-X assessment tool is the best product for drop foot.


The Turbomed drop foot braces are a revolutionary new treatment for people with foot drop. Their patented design acts as an exoskeleton for the impaired limb, allowing patients to move about freely with little or no restriction. These braces are easy to use and are designed to attach outside the shoe. Moreover, they are comfortable and are interchangeable with a variety of shoes.

Turbomed ships worldwide, including to the US and Canada. The company distributes its products to more than 3000 O&P clinics. The company has moved into a new 6,000 square foot head office in Quebec, Canada. For more information, visit the company’s website or check out its YouTube channel.

TurboMed drop foot braces were first introduced commercially in March 2015. The company’s founders, Francois Cote and Stephane Savard, were living with a foot drop after a snowmobile accident in 2001. The two created several prototypes to develop the device that is now considered the best drop foot brace. Since then, the company has become the leading manufacturer and distributor of drop foot braces.

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