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Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK 2023 for Android Free Download

WhatsApp is one of many social media platforms that’s most popular and trusted for instant messaging. Users still feel ambiguity and doubts about WhatsApp. They believe WhatsApp does not offer all they need. GB WhatsApp Pro was created to address the doubts and ambiguities surrounding WhatsApp developers. This package includes all the features one would expect from any instant messaging social media application. Because of its rich features, this version of WhatsApp is quickly becoming a favorite.

Instant Messaging

This application can be used as an instant messaging app, similar to the official one, but with some additional features. No matter how long the message, you can send it. WhatsApp’s latest version has exceeded the limit on the number of characters that can be sent in messages. You can share images, videos and any other document to your inbox with the rest on your contact list. You won’t be restricted to any particular file type and can share whatever you like at any time.

Deleted messages

You can also delete the message from the official version. The message will be deleted and the recipient won’t be able to see it anymore. The GB WhatsApp allows recipients to see deleted messages sent by senders. The message will be deleted by its sender, but it will still be displayed in the chat with the deleted icon. This icon will let you know that the message has been deleted by its recipient.

Status deleted

The status that was deleted by the user won’t be visible to his contacts. However, anyone who has the GB version will still be able to view the status as it is posted. This is not the case with Whatsapp Blue, This will also mean that the posted status will not be visible to the poster of the status and he will not receive any notifications later. The user can comment on any deleted status.

Status sharing

You can share any type of information with your contacts, including pictures, videos, and short videos. This feature works the same way as the official one.

Hide your Status

Although hiding status is a feature of official WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp version allows you to hide your visible status from the user.

You can hide your status from Gb WhatsApp Pro if you don’t want the user to know you saw their status.

Last Seen

Your last scene can be set according to your wishes. You can choose not to tell your friends and contacts about when you were active last time. You can choose the scene that you want.

You can manually set the date and time in the settings of FMWhatsApp. This information will be


There are many emojis. GB WhatsApp has a larger collection of stickers and GIFS than the official one.

Developers have spent a lot of time on the library stickers and GIFS for GB WhatsApp, compared to the official.


You can use the official wallpaper, but you cannot set the same wallpaper to all your contacts. GB WhatsApp allows you to set different wallpapers for each contact on your list.


Apart from many great features, this version which is also the GB version WhatsApp is safe to use.


Our verdict is that GBWhatsApp Pro is the best version. Although there are many versions of WhatsApp that have been developed by other developers or incorporations, this one is the best.

WhatsApp has stated that security is their concern and that they do not own this or any other version. Officials will not be responsible for any data privacy concerns later.

If you don’t believe there is any personal data that you should share, you can certainly opt for this WhatsApp version.

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