Intercoms are becoming increasingly popular in the home. They offer many useful benefits to many different people. They are especially useful for the elderly, disabled or türsprechanlage mit kamera security conscious among us.

If you are looking for a home intercom system, there are different types to choose from. Below we have covered some of the most important professional systems:

door systems

This is what we would call the standard system. They only offer audio and are connected to some kind of doorbell on the door. They provide a two-way audio interaction between the resident and the visitor. The professional installations can often be coupled with a door opener, so that the visitor can enter the object himself after admission.

video systems

A video intercom expands the audio functions with video. This gives the resident the added security of being able to see the visitor before they enter the building. The video systems often have additional features such as recording and CCTV linkage, so you can turn on the camera whenever you want. Here, too, professional installations can be coupled with a door opener so that you can see, hear and grant access to the people in front of your door.

If you are planning to have an intercom system installed in your house or apartment, it is advisable to do it professionally. This way you can ensure that the electrical system is wired correctly and securely, and that the intercom and any door openers are working efficiently and safely. A professional intercom installer can also advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs.

How to choose commercial intercom systems

Commercial intercom systems fill a need when a business has a communication problem in some part of its building. These intercoms improve productivity, increase security and make employees happier.

When a business is looking for a commercial intercom system, they often need a telephone system along with an external paging amplifier. Using the telephone system, employees can either call specific areas of the building or call the entire building using an external paging amplifier and loudspeakers. A doorphone can be added to the phone system so visitors to an outside door of the building can press a button to call someone inside, and that person inside could press a button to unlock the door.

Telephone systems are expensive

However, there are times when a telephone system is not desirable. Telephone systems are expensive, and the labor required to run the cables through the building is just as expensive. Some phone systems today don’t even have the ability to do external paging.

If all you need is the door phone then you can get an intercom that has a single outdoor monitor along with a desk top or wall mounted indoor station. Then only one cable needs to be laid between the door and the indoor station. Or you can also choose wireless intercom for this application.

Sometimes there are only a few areas of the business that need some form of communication and there is no desire to run wires to them. This is where a wireless commercial intercom is needed.

The environment is more demanding

A problem with a wireless intercom in many applications is that the environment is more demanding for the wireless equipment. In manufacturing companies there are many devices that can cause interference. Building construction often consists of metal frame walls and more electrical wiring to handle office equipment. Many commercial buildings are made of concrete walls and floors. These conditions will significantly reduce the range of a wireless intercom.

So when you’re looking for wireless commercial intercom systems, you want to make sure a system has a much longer range than you actually need. The longer the range of the intercom, the more power it must have to overcome the obstacles in the commercial environment.

So when you look at these systems, you must first decide if you türsprechanlage mit kamera really need a PBX instead. Unless you want to invest in a phone system, most commercial intercom systems take the form of a wireless system. Then all you have to do is choose one that works in your business environment.

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