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In the contemporary scene, technology is drastically and constantly reshaping the fast-casual and quick-service restaurant businesses. If restaurants wait for very long to change; there are chances that they may be left behind, both by customers and their competition. Oh yes, from online ordering to digital menu boards and targeted social media campaigns, Digitale Speisekarte Für Restaurants everything has almost changed in this industry.

Digital Solution for QSR – Why are Digital Menu Boards Popular?

Implementation of digital menu boards cuts on line time, increases productivity, and improves upon overall customer satisfaction. Listed below are some of the ways in which this proven digital solution for QSR can boost your business too.

1. Instant Updates:

When you decide upon updating your menu, you can digitally communicate the necessary modifications to the POP system. This makes it easy for you to change the price in the menu card or add an extra item. Updating your drive-through digitally operated menus is easy, convenient and simple. By making the menu cards automatic, digital and electronic, you can streamline the process well, thereby resulting in less customer frustration -especially if the items or pricing are mix-matched.

2. Finance Ability:

It might be difficult for you to invest in your QSR business and expensive equipments upfront. However, there are many finance companies that allow you to lease the digital menu board equipment and pay back the borrowed amount over a period of time. This way, you will be able to reap benefits before you actually pay for the same.

3. Customer Satisfaction:

Customers want menus that are laid out well, making it easy to search for the dishes that they are looking for. Implementing digital menu cards will help them get exactly what they want, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

4. Customizable and Updateable:

Digital menu boards are available with a cloud-based technology, allowing the operator to customize and update the board more than once. If you own a chain of restaurants, you can change multiple menu boards, all from one location. Or, you may even highlight, the item of the day, or showcase a new item, as and when required. Besides, if you find that the changes made are not showing adequate results, you can further update and customize them accordingly.

5. Up-sell Opportunities:

You may have noticed that a menu board design is related to the way in which customers order food. If you want customers to buy combos, high-profile items, or big ticket meals, you have to place them at the center of the board. With digital menu boards, you can place photos along with the written text to make the order more impressive!

It is time you adapted to this digital solution for your QSR business too. If you like making customers happy and want to increase your sales, this is the best change that you will make in taking your venture to the next levels of success.

From Digital Menu Boards to Corporate Communications

Digital signage is seen every where from your favourite restaurants, football stadium and now in the factory, discover how this relatively new technology will improve communications.

Using Digital Menu Boards for combating obesity.

We have all been in a restaurant and seen these large digital menu boards, displaying the menu, prices; however in July 2007 New York’s board of health came up with an idea for a healthier life style by having restaurants label each menu item with the calorific value of each item, due to the growing obesity problem.

The law stipulated that the type font size had to be the same size as the pricing, this law was specific for standardized products and portions, so that over a period of the day when we our out of the home environment we can watch (and count) how many calories we consume.

So to comply with this law, digital menu boards were used, as these were faster to update and had hardly any lead in time, (there was no waiting for printers to print the new posters). So the restaurants that already were using the menu boards were streets ahead of their competitors and complied with the law from day one.

Now we have heard the benefits of digital signage used for marketing and informing people, however this same technology can be used to increase communication with a corporation, saving time and money.

Digital Signage in a corporate setting.

If you already have digital signage you are ahead of the game, probably the primary factor in purchasing this technology was to increase your brand awareness to visitors, especially about your “green” policies, established product lines and new products. Now you can use this technology to send motivational messages and to even schedule conferences.

For example you may have a specific department that creates the most wastage, here you can send constant reminds of your environmental policies and that they are contributing to your success, closely monitoring this sort of approach rather than a shot gun approach of telling employees what to do, normally works and within a short time frame the results will be there for everyone to see.

Controlling meetings rooms.

In large companies, there is always a demand for meeting rooms, have you ever attended a pre-booked meeting only to be moved on because the person you are visiting hadn’t booked a room? I have to often to recall.

According to one source the average worker spends 5.6 hours per week in meetings, so juggling the number of meeting rooms can be a problem, digitalen menu this is were digital signage is used, unlike emails that inform people of room changes, a digital sign can communicate any changes, so for example a digital display outside of meeting room 1 can inform staff of the room change to meeting room 3 and so on. With the aid of day parting, every company can use dynamic signs to schedule meetings etc and can be scheduled a whole month ahead, they can also be updated in a matter of seconds when a change is needed.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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