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Different Types of Sarees to Drape Like a Fashion Diva

Sarees are one of the oldest traditional wear and continue to be a people’s choice. As a result of the changing taste in fashion, people prefer wearing ethnic dresses. We have had the chance to witness many new designs and styles of ethnic wear. 

However, there is nothing like draping a beautiful saree. What makes saree the top pick is that they look perfect on every woman, irrespective of their body type. Therefore, we are going to spill some information about sarees to style like a fashion diva.

Introduction to The Evergreen Ethnic Wear: Sarees 

Sarees have continued to rule the fashion industry since their inception. With time, saree became so popular that this fashion garment made its journey all over the world. The fashion industry across the globe has accepted sarees with open arms. 

A single woven robe of un-stitched material became an evergreen fashion trend. A designer silk saree worn with trousers or a waist belt are two examples of the modern version of a saree. Below are the popular types of sarees you can drape.

Different Types of Sarees Around the World

Tant Sarees

The Tant saree belong to the state of royal tigers. What makes them popular is their design. They come in vibrant pastel colors with thick embroidered borders and floral prints. These saree are a product of Bengal’s finest handloom workshops. The cotton Tant saree are ideal wear for places that experience hot and humid weather. 

The trail of Tant saree dates back to the Mughal era. Tant saree are popular because of their lightweight and fine handloom work. Moreover, the floral pattern printed around the borders over bold color sarees makes them more attractive.

Banarasi Sarees

A Banarasi saree is the exact representation of the rich culture of the city of Varanasi. The saree adds a graceful touch to the look because of its finest silk fabric. What gives the saree a royal look is the embroidery of fine gold and silver threads. The traditional print of these ethnic sarees is very popular. 

However, they also come in designer styles with different embroidery patterns. Jamdani is a quite famous version of Banarasi sarees. Mixing silk with woven cotton gives it an amazing look. As a result, the Banarasi saree is a favorite option to wear. Moreover, these saree are a symbol of auspicious gifts. 

Chiffon Sarees

A chiffon saree is an ideal lightweight saree for every Bollywood fan. Inspired by the famous actress, many women dream of wearing a royal blue Chiffon saree at a dance party. The modern style and the mesh of a silk Chiffon saree make it a popular choice. 

From attending pooja to parties, it can become your go-to wear saree for any function. In addition to being an Indian ethnic wear, fashion divas from China also drape Chiffon saree in different ways. Chiffon sarees make a great outfit with waist belts, or you can twist your pallu to make it a scarf.

Georgette Sarees

Georgette saree are easy for any woman to drape. These adorable saree have many qualities. One of them is that it is available in many different colors. They are easy to dye and absorb the color perfectly. In addition, the lightweight and sheerness of this saree make it ideal wear for the summer season. They are widely popular amongst the women of the younger generation. The Georgette saree is a perfect combination of traditional design and modern fabric.

Mulmul Sarees

Our neighboring country Bangladesh also has its version of saree known as the Mulmul saree. The saree of pure muslin is comfortable to wear for almost all the year. Even in the winter season, you can always style the saree with a shawl. Usually, most fabrics shrink after washing once or twice. But the material of Mulmul sarees is such that it does not shrink at all. 

Therefore, making it last longer than any other saree in the wardrobe. Moreover, the fabric of the Mulmul saree has the ability to absorb moisture. As a result, it is popular in areas experiencing harsh summers.

Kalamkari Sarees

As the name suggests, Kalamkari saree hold significant cultural value. The Kalamkari print saree has a lot of varieties in terms of fabric material. Moreover, the printed designs are all handmade. Kalamkari saree is the finest product of the handloom industry. They are a great example of a designer silk saree. 

The saree have mythological depictions printed all over the borders. This block printing technique makes it even more exclusive. However, the Kalamkari sarees are less popular these days. But it is an ideal wear for attending cultural events. 


When it comes to different types of sarees, the variety of designs and fabrics available in the market is endless. Royal blue chiffon saree is a beautiful example of a modern saree. Nowadays, many traditional, contemporary, and indo-western ethnic outfits have come into the market. But the saree is one traditional ethnic wear that can never go out of style. So, if you plan on glamming up on the next occasion, use the above-mentioned sarees to walk like a diva.

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