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Devkund Waterfall trek from Mumbai

About Devkund Waterfall Trek:

Are you interested in discovering the peace that exists distant from the hustle and bustle of the city? Let’s embark on a day hike that is quite popular in Maharashtra. The hike to the Devkund Waterfall is it. It may be found in the Maharashtra Raigad district in the hamlet of Bhira, near Kolad.

The waterfall, well-known for its stunning Sahyadri mountain scenery, is situated in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats close to Tamhini Ghat. This area is filled with gems, including lush valleys, dense woods, stunning waterfalls, riverbeds, and lakes.

The Kundlika river originates in Devkund, which is where three waterfalls converge. Devkund is often referred to as the “Bathing Pond of Gods.” The people who live there respect this mysterious waterfall as sacred since it also has mythical importance. This area is home to breathtaking hiking trails, including Tamhini Ghats, Andharban, and many more.

Devkund Waterfall trek

In Maharashtra, there are just a few perennial permanent waterfalls. One of these is the waterfall in Devkund. A gorgeously green forest surrounds the waterfall. There are many different kinds of animals and birds there. There is monsoon energy in the air. The Devkund trip will lead you through uncharted territory and across slick rocks. Along the way, there are easy-to-moderate obstacles to overcome. You will be in awe of the waterfall’s majesty and overcome with joy when you reach Devkund.

Bhira Patnus village is where the trek starts. It takes around 5-6 kilometers to reach Devkund Waterfall. Two hours are required for the trip from Bhira to Devkund Falls. You will be able to see the beauty of the waterfalls once you get there. It forms a natural pool about 30 inches in diameter as it flows down from a height of up to 80 meters onto the stony surface. It’s a lovely and tranquil vibe everywhere.

If you are very fond of outdoor adventure then Pawna lake Camping is one of the best place for you enjoy. almost 100 Km from away from the devkund waterfall trek pawna lake is a must visit destination.

Why must you go to the devkund waterfall for a trek:

  1. In Maharashtra, the most stunning waterfall
  2. Take advantage of the natural pool under the waterfalls.
  3. The Tamhini Ghat is visited.
  4. The pool of water under the Devkund Waterfall is bluish-green and is immaculately pristine.
  5. Searching out the deep woodland.
  6. Proximate to the Andharban hike.

How to reach:

Mumbai is almost 170 kilometers from Devkund Falls Trek. It takes around 7 hours to get from Mumbai to the settlement at the base. The Mumbai Pune Expressway makes it very convenient to reach.

Train from Khopoli to Pali, then a shuttle bus from Pali to Bhira, is an excellent way to get there (public bus )

If you’re driving alone, head from Mumbai via Karjat, then to Khopoli, then on to Pali before arriving at your final destination of Bhira (Tata hydropower plant)

Best time to visit:

The monsoon season is the best time to see the Devkund waterfall walk. Nature is at its most beautiful and is in full bloom. The best time to view the most breathtaking natural beauty is from June through August and from the end of the monsoon until January.

The Devkund walk should be started as early in the day as possible. Walking up to the waterfall will be an exhilarating trip for you.

It is a waterfall that plunges downward and spews copious volumes of water onto the rocky ground below. It is a popular location for daylong picnics.

Can those who can’t swim visit the Devkund waterfall?

Up to the very start of the bisection, swimming is permissible. In Maharashtra, several picnickers drown while enjoying themselves close to waterfalls each year. The Devkund waterfall has been the site of several tourist deaths in the past. People disobeyed the regulations the locals had set up to prevent problems, which is why most occurrences happened. Therefore, anyone who cannot swim shouldn’t enter the waterfall.

Are there any restaurants along the way?

In addition to tea, lemonade, and various chips-like nibbles at the little huts along the way, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also offered at the base town.

Villagers run a few little Dhabas on the path. Maggi, Nimbu Paani, and Poha are available. The weekends and the rainy season are when these Dhabas are open. Additionally, bring extra food and drink to last the duration of the trip. Dhabas with limited seating typically run out of food on weekends because of the heavy weekend foot traffic.

Things to carry:

  1. 2/3 liters of water
  2. A suitable face mask or shield (must)
  3. Deodorant (must)
  4. Trekking shoes provide more comfort and traction.
  5. A good torch should have an additional battery.
  6. A selection of dried fruits, dry snacks, and energy bars
  7. Sachets of Gatorade, Glucon D, ORS, Tang, and
  8. A daypack with between 20 and 30 liters
  9. Rain is forecasted, so prepare your baggage appropriately to prevent them from soaking wet.
  10. Place your valuables and cell phones in plastic bags twice.
  11. If you don’t want to get wet, use raingear or a waterproof jacket, among other options.
  12. Sunscreen and a hat
  13. Personal Medicine and Personal First Aid
  14. Proof of Identity
  15. Please cover yourself with full sleeves and full track pants to avoid being harmed by the summer sun, thorns, insects, or prickles.

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