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Details about techwithgeeks:

In the field of computers and the internet, a geek is referred to as a person who is exorbitant, dedicate to, and involve with technology. The public’s perception of geeks appears to be changing as computer technology becomes less terrifying to greater groups of people. The term “geek” refers to a person who is knowledgeable or enthusiastic about a pastime or academic pursuit. The term techwithgeeks was initially use to characterize quirky or out-of-the-ordinary persons. 


The techwithgeeks can find items like the best board games, miniatures, trading card games, video games, and many more interesting things to do when they are bore or feel very tired because of workload or they often think about technical things. Heck, you might even discover nerd interests that you had never heard of. So, in this discussion, we are going to see about in detail. 

Technology Geek:

The pointer 

You are a “Pointer” if you attempt to make your own homemade wi-fi waves at home and learn about new technology before a multi-million-dollar corporation in the USA or Japan releases its idea regarding the advanced technology with the help of these . At this time, everyone is aware of the essentials of technological advancements to enhance an addiction, a dependency, and a fantasy that many people depend on for their enjoyment. Each person has their own interests, so if yours is the “latest gadget,” that is your business.

The Retro

You are a “Retro” techwithgeeks, if you are a member of the alliance of the young Millennials and the experienced members of Generation X to surround themselves with reminiscence and that inducing technology from the early 1980s and 1990s.

The video Gamer

Generally, video gamers or gamers are entirely different from normal video game players. Because the real , video game players actually experiment with an unparalleled addiction. With a great deal of commitment, biting their lips, curiosity about winning the game and even destroying the joystick with their desire to advance.

But their parents and partners care about them and the amount of time they spend playing video games. Unless they will get extremely addict to these video games. But don’t worry; we all have been there in that situation and understand how much we adore gaming consoles and how important it is to have a wide understanding of interesting characters.

The IT friend

Of course, who are always fed up with computers they are often refer to as techwithgeeks, if you found any issues in your PC just call that IT friend to fix those problems even at midnight, as they are always living with the computer, laptops, or other technical relate devices. 

For instance, you assume he understands all there is to know about computer technology because he has a massive button that, when pressed, will load up with information and solutions to your problems. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; techwithgeks have sacrificed innumerable hours of their lives researching manuals, examining forums, and dismantling computers piece by piece in order to accumulate knowledge in the vast meadows of the Internet.

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Ahsan Khan
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