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December Global Holidays- 8 major days to celebrate in 2022!

Wherever you are living, you follow the Culture of your own country and celebrate festivals of your Culture only. But do you know that there are many other countries in the world with different cultures and celebrations? If you are interested in knowing about the December global holidays, this article is for you. Here we go with listing all the major festivals celebrated globally.

New Year’s Eve

It might be interesting that New Year’s Eve is celebrated by the whole world actually. The special night of December 31 is marked as the beginning of a new year. Not only do people celebrate for the upcoming year but also thank the Lord for representing them a whole last year with overcoming all the ups and downs. However, there are many ways to honor this day; many go to worship Lord, and many party in the clubs and bars. Thus, people have a lot of fun making this day memorable. 


December 25, a day when Lord Jesus Christ was born, is celebrated globally and comes under December Global Holidays. There is a belief that Lord Christ was the last prophet of God to overcome all the sins in the world. Not only do Christians celebrate this festival but also many Non- Christians enjoy it. Christmas is the favorite December holiday for Children as Santa Claus comes to surprise them with numerous gifts. 

Nicholas DayAnother festival is St. Nicholas Day, which comes on December 6 every year. This occasion is celebrated to commemorate the death of St. Nicholas. As the Saint is considered a great spirit, people enjoy celebrating his life. Furthermore, this is mainly celebrated in European countries, and people give away gifts to the people in need and also to the kids. 

  1. Lucia Day

A great festival, ‘Lucia Day’ celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, is the festival of lights. It comes on December 13 every year. On this day, people celebrate the sacrifice of St. Lucia, who is known as the one who provided food to Christians and hid in Rome to save herself. People dress traditionally and wear wreaths on their heads. It is also one of the major December Globals Holidays. 


A week-long festival, Kwanzaa, begins on December 26 to celebrate the African-American Culture. It usually ends on January 01 after enjoying the new year. On this day, Africans and Americans exchange their traditional attire for respecting each other’s heritage. People decorate their homes with fruits & vegetables and lighten them with candles. Thus, it’s a great mixture of two cultures where people learn to honor each other.

December Global Holidays – The Bottom Line

Although there are many other major festivals, this was all we covered in this short article. December is the last month of the year, and you should give away a lot to thank God for giving you a beautiful year. Save money for the month and enjoy it to full to make the last days of the year memorable.

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