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Debt Recovery in UAE – 5 Proven Ways to Fasten the Recovery Process

Lending money and debt recovery are two long processes. In the earliest of history, people used to exchange goods and services on debt, and the recovery process began. This process doesn’t get fussed up all the time, but there are moments when it grew to unimaginably troubling when people aren’t agreed on some terms, and this result in disagreement and often conflicts.

When either party in a deal or agreement fails to deliver the promised amount or goods in exchange in the time agreed, the need for debt recovery arises. Defining the debt recovery process wouldn’t be difficult as it is normally described as chasing an individual to return payments owed to him or the company. Debt is a financial obligation a person or a company receives against a service, product, or loan with real value. The need for debt recovery arises when a missing payment happens, bounced cheque, medical billing, service bill, loan recovery, etc., and these are the terms and conditions that lead to the defaulter status of a debtor. 

The market of UAE used to be no different than other countries for debt recovery. However, in today’s time, several laws and regulations have been in place to quicken the debt recovery process. But it is important to note that you alone cannot deal with debt recovery, and you certainly need the assistance of some of the best legal advocates in Dubai to fasten the process. The legal representatives have the right experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise to remain committed to the process and provide hassle-free solutions to lenders and debtors for resolving disputes.

5 Ways for Debt Recovery in UAE – The Legal Ways

The debt recovery process isn’t that complicated the way people have made it. Following the legal path and adhering to all lawful adherence will ensure that you have a hassle-free process while staying in the legal frame to recover your debt. Having said this, here are the five ways to recover your debt from anyone by acquiring the services of advocates and lawyers.

1.    Understand the Debt Collection Process

When we primarily talk about the UAE market, lenders can get into trouble if they try to recover debt independently. It is important to note that the laws and regulations are not incredibly sophisticated, creating room for difficulties for the lending party. The sophistication includes people not consulting legal advisors, and insufficient courts for debt recovery complicates the process. And this is the first phase that any lender needs to understand.

The shortage of financial litigation courts in the UAE can increase the problem. However, it is essential to note that your lawyer can help you in this regard and lead to a satisfactory ending with their expertise and knowledge. They are profoundly aware of the financial litigation process through the Federal Supreme Court and the Court of Cessation to decide and evaluate all the functions, including against the debtor. Moreover, they also know the local laws, mediation practices, payment issues, and insolvency proceedings to make the debt recovery process easier and more satisfactory than ever before.

2.    Determine Debtor’s Credibility before Lending

Another thing that is critically important is to determine the debtor’s credibility before lending them an amount, service, or goods. You will need to evaluate their market credibility by asking others and ascertaining their business activities and relationships in the market to secure your debt. In some cases, it is also advised to the lenders to run a police clearance required for the debtor’s history so that you get a proper check of what decision you should conclude with.

3.    Mandate Proper Documents & Utilize Them

There are hundreds and hundreds of instances where improper documentation has raised serious concerns after the debt has been paid. The outstanding debt and defaulter status are a reason for the lack of proper documentation and legitimate evidence records. This includes a properly written document, lack of payments, and inclusion of a lawyer to acknowledge the debt recovery. It is dependably fitting to keep appropriate records to be ready for dubious events and circumstances.

Furthermore, if a time arises when you have to make efforts for your debt collection, you can utilize the documents to your favor and carry out legal proceedings for your case.

4.    Collect Security Cheques to Enhance Safety Levels

Another way you can secure the level of your debt recovery process is by collecting security cheques at the time when you’re lending debt to a person or company. When the debt maturity reaches, you can utilize these cheques to ensure that your amount or the value of goods remains in place and doesn’t go for anything.

On the other hand, you should also know that if the cheque is dishonored or bounced, you can initiate or file a civil lawsuit with the help of a legal advisor in the UAE.

5.    File Civil Case

Filing a civil case in Dubai is not difficult, and you just need to have a good legal representative who will deal with your case and provide assistance in filing a civil case and recovering your debt. In light of the Federal Law No. 5 of 1999 of the United Arab Emirates, the incorporating reconciliation committees in the UAE’s Federal Courts indulges the debtor and lending parties to reach out to the resolution boards for solving the problem through the pertinent court of law without a further escalation in the conflict.

However, it is paramount to note that the matter being discussed in the court should be well documented with Arabic translations. The parties will also have to pay the proper fee amount. After this step, the matter will further move to the courts, who will gauge and undermine the settings and circumstances involved. With this, either party can make an appeal in the Court of First Instance within the 30 days bracket.

The Final Thoughts

The most paramount step to recover your amount is through amplifying the understanding of the debt recovery process and the amount without going to courts and filing lawsuits. So, here are some of the most useful and result-proven ways to collect your debt from the lending party without getting into the legal hassle and saving time and money.

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