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What to look for when selecting a Custom Website Designer

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Hiring a Custom Website Designer or marketing agency can be a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience with websites. This article should cover the fundamentals of what to look for when hiring a professional to ensure you get the right website for your company.

How do I know they build high-quality websites?

This one is both easier and harder than most people believe. You should look at their portfolio of work before hiring someone to build you a website. You must ensure that they build websites of the same quality that you are looking for, and that their price is reasonable. Is the website new or does it remind you of AOL? Do all of their websites load properly on your phone, tablet, and computer? Without any specialized knowledge, you should be able to get a visual sense of the overall quality of their design abilities.

Most people concentrate on specific niches. If they are a dentist, they will want to know if the designer has created websites for other dentists. This is completely irrelevant. A competent Custom Website Designer can create a website for any industry. You should concentrate on complexity. All lead generation websites are the same, but if you require complex functionality, you should ensure that they have prior experience with such sites.

Where things get complicated is that a business website’s primary goal is not to look good. You need to know how well it performs. Your goal is to grow your business, not to have a nice looking website. How do you know if it was built correctly? Execute tests. Load their websites on a smartphone, tablet, and computer. It ought to look good on all of them. Go to www.gtmetrix.com and enter the domain; if it loads in less than 4 seconds, they did a poor job. Conduct a technical SEO audit – this can be complicated; contact us and we will provide one for free. Perform a marketing analysis by putting yourself in the shoes of a prospective client and browsing their website as if you were looking for something. Is it simple to find the phone number? Have your questions been answered? Do you know what services and specialties they offer? Are there any dead links? How does the company’s website make you feel? Obtain references by calling current clients and asking what they think of them. While many website clients are unsure whether their website was built correctly, they will be able to tell you if they are responsive to messages, quick to make necessary changes, if their website has held up over time, and the overall manner in which they conduct their business.

What are the primary interests of a Custom Website Designer?

Consider vested interests when hiring someone to build such an important part of your business. Amateurs, Freelancers, Artists, and Agencies are the four main types of Custom Website Designer.

The primary goal of an inexperienced Custom Website Designer is to build a portfolio. They typically want to build a website on the side of their main job and will concentrate primarily on how the website looks because they haven’t yet learned the technical or marketing aspects. Hire your cousin, neighbor, or friend’s brother to build your website only if they own or work for a web design, web development, or marketing agency. Even if they build it for free, the opportunity costs will cost you money.

The primary goal of a freelance Custom Website Designers is to complete the task as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next. They usually concentrate on finishing jobs because they lack the branding and marketing to attract regular high-paying clients. Steps are usually skipped by freelancers because it is the only way to keep costs low. This is only applicable to B2C freelancers, not B2B freelancers. Freelancers who design for agencies typically produce better work because they want repeat business. Some freelancers are excellent, but they do not have the same vested interest as a company. An agency or business will have a reputation to uphold, whereas freelancers generally fly under the radar enough that the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t refer them to new clients. This puts you at greater risk; it will occasionally work out, but less frequently than with agencies.

Artists will create stunning websites, but as previously stated, the primary goal of a website is not to look good. Do they understand how to market your company? Do they understand website technology? There are numerous do-it-yourself Web Design Custom platforms available that allow people who do not know how to code to create beautiful looking websites – but these platforms are usually terrible in terms of technical aspects because machines cannot code as well as humans can. This means fewer visitors, fewer conversions, and a worse website and business overall. Graphic designers are frequently hired by agencies to Web Design Custom, which are then coded by developers. You should avoid hiring a graphic artist to build your website unless you can develop it yourself.

Agencies are typically your best bet for creating a website that looks and performs well. People in different roles are common in good agencies. The website will be designed by a Custom Website Designer, developed by a web developer, and optimized by an SEO (search engine optimization). Agencies typically have higher overhead, do better overall work, and charge a higher fee.

How do I choose a design firm?

The first step is to ensure that they are a legitimate agency. Is their website personalized and professional? Do they have an appealing logo and designs? A good Web Design Custom firm will have an excellent website. Bad Web Design Custom firms will appear generic and blah. Good agencies will have interesting and eye-catching custom graphics, as well as good color schemes that will catch your attention. Bad agencies will use stock photography with only basic colors and elements that don’t always make logical sense because they simply changed the content on a prebuilt theme. There are an increasing number of agencies that are essentially just freelancers who use do-it-yourself platforms and have no knowledge of website development. Before hiring someone, do your homework and check their portfolio and references. The most common concern we hear from people is that they are afraid of hiring a Web Design Custom agency because they have previously been scammed. Someone sold them something and built their website, but then they vanished and the website went downhill. Avoid these scam agencies as much as possible, and don’t lump legitimate ones in with them.

If the agency is legitimate and you like the work they do, you should concentrate on your common interests. Do you want to make changes to the site’s content and coding, or do you want them to? Do you want to host your own website or do you want them to? Are you willing to pay them up front or do you want to see the finished product first? Do you prefer to pay in advance or monthly? Do you simply require a website, or do you also require a logo, copywriting, and marketing services? Will they make changes if you request them? How much will they charge and how long will it take them if they make them? What content management system are they using? Is the website security handled by them as well, or is that up to you? Will they be interested in your success? Not every agency is right for every client, and not every client is right for every agency. Focus on how well the agency fits your business model and specific website needs. You should ultimately hire the agency that best fits your needs.

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