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Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Printed tissue paper is an excellent choice for online and offline retail establishments. Printed tissue has a high-quality feel and may be used as a finishing touch by luxury businesses as part of their retail packaging. The custom-tissue paper protects your product and gives an added layer of security.

It is also an excellent dust guard for sensitive goods such as pottery, jewelry, presents, and glassware. Custom tissue paper is an affordable and beautiful means of branding and packaging your goods, with a vast range of designs, print possibilities, and finishes to complement your brand image properly.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Custom-printed tissue paper is an excellent method to add a touch of class and beauty to your product packaging. You will build packaging that complements your business’s appearance and feel using various colors and printed patterns.
In terms of design and branding, tissue paper is a highly versatile product in terms of design possibilities and styles.

White tissue paper published with a white logo is becoming increasingly popular, creating a clean and straightforward appearance ideal for premium lifestyle firms.

We also printed a gorgeous gold logo onto white tissue for a well-known cosmetics firm, demonstrating how wonderfully white paper can make colors stand out. We have also published chequered and tartan tissue paper for major apparel labels for a bolder and more striking design, which is a terrific way to strengthen your brand image.

Custom Boxes Zone: Custom Printed Tissue Paper Types

We have both MG and MF tissue sheets in various weights, but how do you pick between the two?

  1. Tissue with a Machine Finish: Machine-finished tissue, often known as MF, is a crisp paper with a matte texture on both sides. This professional gloss and texture contribute to this paper being of higher quality. Our MF custom cardboard display Packaging is also Acid-Free, which means it has a neutral PH and will not tarnish or harm the items while being wrapped. This tissue makes it popular among jewelers and clothes merchants.
  2. Tissue with a Machine Glaze: Brick-and-mortar merchants use machine-glazed printed tissue to wrap their items at the counter. It is most commonly employed in the pottery and footwear industries to help preserve products from damage after purchase. However, it is created from virgin pulp and is glazed on one side. It is a less expensive option to machine finish.

Custom Boxes Zone: High-Quality Customized Printed Tissue Paper

The ineffective cardboard display boxes may make your things look cheesy and cheap. You may avoid this by considering the larger picture. Begin by creating a design strategy to remove the guesswork from the process.

How do you assist your clients in getting from where they are to where they want to go? What emotions do you want people to have when they open your box? Will customized tissue paper improve the unpacking experience?
Let us now discuss how to do this.

  • It is critical to tell your tale. On the other hand, making your story meaningful to your clients is the frosting on the cake. Consider what branding characteristics draw people to your brand. To accentuate certain aspects, use specially printed tissue paper.
  • You’re pleased with your logo. It’s an essential component of your brand’s identity.
  • Choose colors that appeal to your customers to make your brand stand out. The more people see it, the more likely it will stick with them.
  • Incorporating subtle and appealing patterns is your friend when it comes to using practices in the backdrop or repeating your logo. Space is just as vital as the entire space. The custom-printed tissue paper will complement your product.
  • Experimenting with various hues is a low-cost method for experimenting with accent colors. You don’t have to, however. Examine your design in several shades to see which is most successful. Consider the different layers and colors you employ to create a unified experience.

Custom Boxes Zone: Printing On Tissue Paper

Printing on tissue paper is often flexographically or lithographically, providing various design possibilities. Metallic and fluorescent prints, as well as printing on black, Pantone matching colors, and full-color printing, can be used in these designs.

However, both technologies necessitate printing plates, with flexography using a big engraved roller to print the pattern. At the same time, lithography employs a smaller scale, making it a more cost-effective alternative. There is a one-time fee to develop the printing plates when ordering printed tissue paper. Once made, the cost of reorders decreases considerably, resulting in a low-cost and effective solution to improve the purchase and unwrapping experience.

Order With Custom Boxes Zone

No Minimum Order

Our costs are so low, with the minimum order quantity for our Printed Tissue Paper. We make it simple to get your feet wet in the custom packaging world or get creative and update your designs as often as you like.

Designing Tool

Businesses may use our design process to produce the ideal custom tissue paper logo or whole design. Depending on their requirements, we provide two solutions to our consumers. Furthermore, our online design tool allows you to submit your logo and select from existing templates, while our offline design tool will enable you to upload completed designs directly.

Use of High-Quality Material

Sustainable packaging is quickly becoming a valuable asset for both companies and customers. The Printed Tissue Paper used by us is acid-free, making it ecologically and socially sustainable. In addition, for colored tissue paper printing, we exclusively utilize 100% renewable soy-based inks. As a result, our customized tissue paper is fully recyclable, and your design ink colors are considerably brighter!

Finish Line

Custom tissue paper both protects and enhances the appearance of your merchandise. But that’s not all it can do for your brand. Packaging is the final point of contact a new consumer has with your company. Well-designed packaging communicates your narrative and shows your beliefs to the finish. Branded tissue paper is a delicate detail that enriches your story’s ending.

We will provide a finished proof to you within 24 hours with either choice! It’s quick, simple to use, and eliminates any tension from the procedure. In conclusion, CustomBoxesZone is a go-to option for the best custom-printed tissue paper.

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