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Custom Made Jewellery: The Advantages Over Ready Made Jewelry

There is nothing more romantic than buying a special piece of jewelry. Choosing jewelry is always a special occasion, whether it’s a pair of engraved gold wedding rings with a personalized message, a diamond ring for your first wedding anniversary, or a sapphire to celebrate the birth of your wife. Pendant studded with diamonds. baby. (tree of life with mother necklace) There are several reasons why you should have a custom-made piece, rather than opting to just buy a few at your local jewelry store:

1) Originality

Having pre-set jewelry means it’s unique, making it even more special and something to be kept for years to come. Most rings will be mass-produced at local jewelry stores, so your finished ring is one in hundreds or thousands. With jewelry store chains across the country copying your jewelry designs across the country, you may even find that someone you know has the same ring as you. – Spoo-Design

2) Customize and upgrade your favorite designs

Choosing bespoke jewelry means you can tailor a design to your exact needs. You might have fallen in love with a design that you saw in a jewelry store or online, but with the same custom design, you can enhance the design by making a few subtle changes. Perhaps you want the diamond in the middle to be a bit bigger or the band is in platinum instead of gold, or you’d like the diamonds on the sides to be princess cut rather than round. With bespoke jewelry, the only limits are your own imagination.

3) cost advantage

You have found the right jewelery design at any online store or your local jewelery store. You don’t want to make any changes to it at all, so why should you have this custom design? The answer is that by choosing the right bespoke jewelery designer, you can buy the same jewelery at a lower cost. You need to find a specialized jewelry designer who operates from a workshop rather than an expensive retail store. Keeping overhead costs low means these companies can reduce a jewelry store to equal pieces while offering a high-class personalized service.

4) Knowledge

The store assistants at many local jewelry stores are usually not very knowledgeable about the product. People involved in jewelry making will have many years of jewelery training so that they can know their subject from the inside. Such jewelery artisans will be able to advise on all aspects of jewelry purchase, such as the advantages of choosing one metal over another and which diamonds offer the best value for money.

5) Business Contact

Local jewelry stores will not have the business contacts that a bespoke jewelry designer working in the jewelry trade would have. An experienced bespoke jewelry company will be able to source diamonds and other gems from all over the world in order to get the best prices for their customers.

6) Craft

For example, choose a custom jeweler working in a well-known jewelry manufacturing sector. Hatton Gardens in London in the UK, Cordoba in Spain or Antwerp in Belgium. Jewelery is a highly specialized trade with various artisans specializing in different fields. Choosing one in a particular jewelery manufacturing sector means that the best master craftsmen will be easily available locally to carry out each stage of manufacturing. This ensures that your jewelry is produced to the highest standards. In contrast, manufacturing quality is highly variable at local jewelry stores, with many pieces being produced in low-cost locations around the world, such as India, China and Thailand, where quality control is not a high priority. To mitigate this problem, mild sales assistants are unable to differentiate good quality from bad quality.

7) 3D Computer Aided Design or CAD

The main problem with made-to-measure or bespoke jewelry is that customers are not sure how it will look once made. With there being such a huge purchase of jewelry, isn’t it too risky to make something custom-made? The answer is to choose a custom jewelry designer who specializes in computer-aided 3D or CAD design. A 3D jewelry computer-aided design specialist will create your unique design on the computer and create a series of images or ‘renderings’ of the pieces. Amazingly, these photos look like real photos, so the customer can see the piece exactly as it will look when it’s finished. You will be able to view your ring from different angles, allowing you to make any changes at the design stage before the ring is put into production and the changes become more difficult. Your ring will then be drawn directly from the computer file, so you will get what you see on the screen. This is not a service you will find at most local jewelers, even those that offer personalized services.

David Valle has 20 years of experience in creating beautiful bespoke jewelry and bespoke jewelry and is one of the UK’s leading experts in Computer-Aided Design or CAD for Jewellery.

He is equally happy working online and discussing projects via email or phone, or meeting clients in person by appointment. Conveniently located in London’s jewelry hub – Hatton Gardens – David’s offers a personalized and friendly service where customers can meet them in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss their own designs without any purchase obligation to be personalized Huh. Read Our Blog

Each piece of jewelry is created using the latest computer-aided design techniques, so customers can view their highly detailed custom designs from a variety of angles in a series of photos and be sure it’s perfect before they go into production. The piece is perfect. , The piece will be created directly from a 3D computer file, so what you see on the screen is exactly what you’ll see presented in an attractive gift box upon completion of your special piece. All bespoke jewelry is produced to the highest level of workmanship, using skilled craftsmen at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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