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Custom & Creative Restaurant Menu Designs

Feast your eyes on a menu design department that will make your food jump off the page.

At KUNA, our marketing department will meet with businesses to design a restaurant menu that is tailored to their specific needs. This is just one of the many services we offer our customers to show that we support their business endeavors. We handle everything from the graphic design, item placement, printing, laminating and more. The whole process from design to print is handled at our offices, providing quick and efficient results that lead to increased sales for our customers.

Designed for You

We have graphic design consultants that meet with our customers to discuss the best layout and design templates to properly highlight their food offerings. Because of our experience as a trusted food service distributor, we have seen menus for restaurants and businesses both big and small and everything in between. This knowledge allows us to make informed recommendations regarding design elements.

In Your Words

The words restaurants use to describe their food and the typography incorporated with the design elements is an important part of the menu. This is an extension of the brand that ultimately extends to the business cards and any menu boards and signage beyond just the restaurant menu. Our team works with restaurants and businesses so that the language and typography clearly represent their food and brand message. 

Professional Photography

Words can only say so much, which is why we have photographers available to capture food menu items for print and to share on Google and social media. Graphics and icons can be incorporated with the food photos to form a complete menu ready to go to print. All of this creates a cohesive look and feel for your brand.

All Created In-House

We handle everything from the graphic design, item placement, printing, laminating and more. The whole process from design to print is handled at our offices, making the operation quick and efficient. Once the design process is complete, reprints can be done within 48 hours.

Need more help?

Our marketing staff supports our customers in a variety of areas, including fresh restaurant ideas, wait staff training, back of the house analysis and more. Design alligator also offers the printing of banners, table tents, posters, and menu boards. All of these services help increase sales and engage with target audiences. We have assisted businesses with menu design and more across the Midwest, and we are here to continue to help make our partners in the food industry find success on the page.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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