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Tips And Tricks On How To Choose The Right Bedroom Curtains?

Curtains are the all-time used window coverings and create the most fascinating window decor and styles. However, that only happens when you perfectly choose the type of curtain panel keeping in consideration various choice factors.

Are you confused about the choice of an ideal curtain panel for your bedroom? Well, don’t be because we’re going to discuss the selection of all the important factors that combine to make an ideal window treatment in the form of curtains.

Thus, this article by Bedroom Curtains will definitely eliminate all your concerns about choosing the right curtains for your bedroom.

A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing The Ideal Bedroom Curtain Panel

With the advancement in technology, the number of options for different aspects of window treatments has immensely increased. Now, you can make the choice of curtain fabric, color, style, and design from a diverse collection. And, that’s where you need to be careful and precise when having a selection. So, let’s start with the first factor that should be considered.

1. Be Careful About Curtain Fabric

Window curtains come in a wide variety of different fabric options namely silk, cotton, wool, sheer, lace, etc. There are two basic categories for fabric i.e. natural and synthetic. All these different fabrics for curtains have distinct appearances and require different levels of care and maintenance. 

So, you can either have low-maintenance fabrics like cotton/synthetic fabrics or high-maintenance fabrics like wool, silk, sheer, etc. Similarly, sheer fabrics allow interior illumination while blackout fabrics function the other way around.

Not to say that some fabrics offer a more lavish and attractive appearance than others. So, you should always make the choice of fabrics depending on the appearance, maintenance, cost-effectiveness, comfy texture offered, interior illumination, and decor requirements.

2. Have Complementing Tonal Preferences

The color of the curtain is the factor that carves the all-important first impression in the viewers’ minds. Therefore, you should always make a choice that makes the curtain panel stand out for statement interior decor. There are two possibilities for the curtain color choice i.e. plain and contrasting.

If you’re a minimalist, opt for a simple, plain curtain panel comprising only a single color. On the other hand, if you’re looking for adding zeal and zest to the interior design, then have a contrasting approach i.e. mix and match to experiment with attractive color combos.

3. Decide Upon Having Prints Or Solids (Design Selection)

Right after the color choice, you’ll have to choose between having printed curtains or plain window curtains. Again, the choice is all yours but should be made after considering the interior theme and decor. In this concern, the interior decor balance is the only factor to be monitored.

If your home interior lacks that much-needed touch of enthusiasm, you should go with geometric, 3D, nature-themed, industrial chic, monochromatic, or any other fascinating design for curtains. Similarly, if you think the bedroom interior has been integrated with too much design and patterns, then plain or simple curtains are the way to go.

4. Choose The Curtain Length & Style Ideally

For the curtain length, the best approach is to take the window’s height measurements and add 1 or 2 inches to that measurement. So that, the curtains fall exactly to the floor level when hung from the rod.

Similarly, the curtain hanging style is an important consideration and you’ll a lot of options for this choice i.e. grommet, goblet, pleated, eyelet, etc. Keeping in view the efficacy of the curtain usage and your personal preferences, you can have a selection from the variety of curtain styles available.

5. Shop For Matching Curtain Trims & Accessories

The next thing is to buy curtain rods, brackets, trims, hooks, rings, tiebacks, etc for adding a decorative flair to the curtain panel. All these accessories are also available in versatile design variety. The most important thing is to buy a curtain rod that is wider than the window span. Doing so enables the window to appear larger thus, making the room feel spacious.

6. Never Exceed Your Budget

Last but not least, you should always have a clear-cut understanding of your expenditure limits. It will save you from spending any extra for the purchase of a curtain panel and therefore, prove to be financially beneficial. The best approach is to set your budget and have various options for a choice.

The End Note!

Making the ideal choice of bedroom curtains is not a challenging task anymore! All you have to do is to be mindful of the different curtain elements when having a selection. That’s because all the ideal choices of these factors combined together make the bedroom window curtain of your choice. Now, you can ideally choose the best curtains for your bedroom with nothing to worry about.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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