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Cryptocurrency’s Influence on Traditional Financial Markets | Platincoin

Over the past few years, one of the most often discussed subjects has been the emergence of cryptocurrencies. While some individuals are skeptical about the future of cryptocurrencies, others think they might completely alter how we see money.

One of their most intriguing features is the potential influence of cryptocurrencies on established financial markets. PlatinCoin wants you to consider the scenario where more people start utilizing bitcoin as a payment method. The demand for conventional fiat currencies, such as the US dollar, may decline in that situation, which impacts the global economy’s stability.

It is still too soon to predict how bitcoin will affect established financial markets. But it’s obvious that cryptocurrency is here to stay; therefore, we should consider its ramifications.

Financial technology (Fintech) has consistently made advances in line with the rapid advancement of science and technology, fostering the modernization and innovation of financial models and transforming the financial industry’s supply chain and value chain. Cryptocurrency, a key Fintech product, lessens the need for financial intermediaries in financial trade and promotes the expansion of the digital economy. The efficiency of resource allocation is increased, and the reform and transformation of financial markets are made easier, thanks to a few important data processing technologies. The papers compiled in this special issue explore the new difficulties that cryptocurrencies present for the financial industry and investigate the function of a few particular data processing technologies in the Fintech context.

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency

Digital or virtual currency that can be used in transactions is called cryptocurrency. The word “crypto” refers to the use of cryptography by cryptocurrencies to secure and verify transactions and create new currency units (coins). With cryptography, it is simple to encode anything easy to decode with the right key but impossible to read without one. As a result, while manufacturing coins may be difficult, verifying transactions can be straightforward.

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At their foundation, cryptocurrencies are simply entries in a “blockchain,” which is an unchangeable, pseudo-anonymous database. Due to the public record provided by the blockchain and the widespread node verification, it is exceedingly difficult or impossible to commit financial fraud. Additionally, PlatinCoin ascertains that it makes it straightforward to trace specific transactions between wallets or accounts belonging to anonymous users.

Global Coverage

A user-friendly, digital substitute for fiat money is cryptocurrency. Although consumers in the US or EU may view cryptocurrencies as creative, several countries have handled their native currencies poorly. For instance, the dictatorial government of Venezuela is well recognized for its raging inflation, which has worsened the living conditions for millions of citizens who cannot access foreign currency.

Other countries impose high tariffs and strict capital restrictions to control currency flow. Whether legal or not, cryptocurrencies may still be used to evade capital regulations and taxes, fueling demand from consumers and businesses. As a result, PlatinCoin believes that numerous countries have started to crack down on the shady usage of cryptocurrencies for tax evasion or unauthorized purchases or transactions abroad.


Cryptocurrencies have several benefits, including frictionless transactions and inflation control, but many investors now include them in various portfolios. Particularly because of the market’s lack of correlation, cryptocurrencies may serve as a risk hedge comparable to that of valuable commodities like gold. This has led to the emergence of several cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs and ETNs).

On the other hand, other analysts are worried that a cryptocurrency decline could have a detrimental impact on the entire market, comparable to how the collapse of mortgage-backed securities led to a global financial crisis. It should be emphasized that despite being valued at between one and two trillion dollars, the total market value of all cryptocurrencies is still lower than that of many sizable publicly traded companies. However, cryptocurrency as an asset class is a novel and dynamic idea that cannot go anyway. Last but not least, PlatinCoin views cryptocurrencies as a means of speculation or protection against inflation, and as of 2021, the market’s scale does not provide a systemic concern.

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