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Creating an Elegant Country Style Kitchen on a Dime

Are you tired of the same old kitchen look? Maybe it’s time to try something new, like an elegant country style kitchen! With these simple tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect look on a dime!

Stick with simple materials

Many people think that to create an elegant country style kitchen, they need to invest in expensive granite countertops or spend their hard-earned money on fancy appliances. However, with the right design choices and materials, it is possible to achieve this desired look without breaking the bank. The first thing you should consider when building your kitchen is what kind of cabinets will make your kitchen really stand out. Simple kitchen cabinets are alluring and can be used as the focal point of your home’s style. Another way to keep costs down is to paint over basic cabinets that are not up-to-date with trends by adding some color and distressing them for that country feel. Basic wooden benches add charm and save space because they take up less room than typical chairs.

Choose your cabinets wisely

One of the most expensive parts of your kitchen is the cabinets. After looking at all the options, you are left with a dilemma: do you go for quality over cost or vice versa? The answer is simple: keep your eyes open for discount cabinets. ALLURE does it again with their Simple Kitchen Cabinets that offer lots of storage space and style for less than $1,000! With prices this low and their classic country design, there’s no excuse not to create an elegant country style kitchen on a dime.

Painting cabinets

The first thing to do is to pick out your paint color. All of the colors will work for this look, but you want to make sure that you’re not using any glossy paint because it can look too shiny and new. You want a more rustic feel, so matte paint is your best bet. You can use any color that you want, but we recommend lighter colors like white or gray because they’ll make the cabinets stand out more. The next step is to prime the cabinets with flat primer if they’re in good condition. If they’re not in good condition and need some fixing up before painting, then use liquid sandpaper and sand them down until there’s no shine left at all.

Add solid surface countertops

If you’re looking for simple kitchen cabinets without much fuss, choose laminate or solid surface countertops for your new country-style kitchen. Laminate countertops are more affordable, but they can also look more elegant than you might expect. Solid surface countertops offer more durability, which means they’re better suited to take the wear and tear of every day use. And they can be customized to fit your taste and budget–from natural stone to sleek stainless steel to traditional wood grains. These surfaces will bring elegance and style into any room while also saving you money in the long run!

Chose stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances are elegant, durable, and offer a sleek look that can allure any potential buyers. Stainless steel is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require finishing and is resistant to rust or corrosion.

Picking out lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are key to setting the tone of your kitchen. The right lighting will create the mood that you are going for. There is no need to break the bank when it comes to lighting, either! You can find beautiful light fixtures at places like Home Depot or Lowe’s for just a few hundred dollars. Luckily, there are tons of options when it comes to choosing what kind of lights you want in your kitchen. One thing to think about is how many bulbs each fixture has; these range anywhere from one bulb up to twelve bulbs! Another consideration is where you plan on putting the lights—high up or low down? Table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and hanging pendants all come with their own pros and cons.

Utilize color in the decor

One of the best ways to create a country style kitchen is by adding color. Pick up some inexpensive dishes and dishes and then paint the backs of them with your favorite colors. You can also choose to paint the cabinets in bright colors or add some other colorful touches, like dish towels and knickknacks. By using color you will be able to make your kitchen look more like home without spending too much money.

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