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Create Eye-Catchy Hemp Boxes At Affordable Price

Hemp Boxes

Hemp products are trendy in the market. Since it’s a chemical-based product, hemp boxes are required to protect its texture. Users of hemp-driven items employ it for treating psychological conditions like depression and anxiety. It is also used in textile and paper industries. 

Packaging plays a vital role in the success of any business. Getting packaging that is affordable and durable is an arduous task. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will discuss how you can attract customers by creating eye-catchy hemp packaging while staying within your budget. 

Custom hemp packaging is a great way to enhance the visibility of your product on the retail shelf. Cost-cutting may be necessary, but the most crucial thing is that the packaging represents your brand and attracts customers. Without it, your business can’t go further in the longer run. 

Why Do You Need Hemp Boxes? 

Packaging is the visual presentation of any brand. Custom printing options let you promote your brand by imprinting your brand’s name and logo. Customers start recognizing your company. They also appreciate when your brand passes products to them in sound condition.

Only durable packaging can ensure customer satisfaction. The usage of hemp is legal, but consuming an excessive amount poses risks for customers. Including a description of the packages through custom printing is useful for customers in this regard. This engages customers with your brand and paves the way for your success. 

Tips To Design Affordable Packaging:

The challenge is to create eye catchy and durable packaging within your budget. Here are important tips that you can implement to craft affordable, attractive, and sturdy custom hemp packaging:

Pick Cost-Effective Material:

Choosing your material is as if you are choosing the building block of your packaging. For economical packaging, you need to pick durable material that prevents any harm to your products. Kraft material offers such cost-effective and sturdy packaging. 

Custom kraft hemp boxes also prevent your product from contact with toxic substances. Kraft is more budget-friendly than any other packaging solution. However, you can select cardboard as the second most affordable option.  

Minimal Colors:

Customers don’t like complicated designs. Excessive illustrations and multiple colors complicate the packaging. You can create catchy eye designs on your Hemp cardboard boxes with minimal colors. 

Adding too many colors is expensive. Therefore, just pick one or two colors that look excellent on the white or brown surface of cardboard or kraft, respectively. Always use bold fonts and different colors for your brand name. 

Ask the graphic designer to make a minimalist logo for your brand’s custom hemp boxes. When you manufacture the boxes in bulk, a minimalist design of the logo will also be cost-effective for you. 

Never compromise on incorporating details about your brand. Because by putting your name on the boxes, you reinforce your brand identity. When people buy a hemp product next time, you will appear first in their minds. 

Digital Printing:

There are three printing techniques: Offset printing, flexography, and digital printing. The most excellent for you is digital printing. It is less costly than offset printing. You can also use this technique for printing images.

 Flexography is the most affordable, but it does not permit you to print any visual illustration. The flexography is appropriate only for the simplest designs. If you don’t intend to include any images, you can also avail yourself of the flexography technique. 

Aqueous Coating: 

Your hemp cardboard boxes should include a coating. Finishing is essential to protect the packaging from being torn. Without a coated layer, you can easily tear the kraft and cardboard stock. A coating adds strength to the packaging. You can utilize the aqueous coating as it is the most affordable one. 

Pick Standard Size And Shape:

A standard square shape is the most suitable option for you if you want to manufacture your boxes at a cost-effective price. Many packaging suppliers may readily provide you with boxes in the standard shape and size. 


In the article, I mentioned different ways to get attractive hemp boxes at an affordable price. The piece of writing suggests you pick kraft material and minimal colors that are budget friendly for you. You can also utilize digital printing and aqueous coating to create an appealing outlook. Never forget to print your logo on the custom kraft hemp boxes.

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