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Correct Way to Eat Sushi-Must-Have Tips!

Correct Way to Eat Sushi-Must-Have Tips!

Sushi has been a fantastic and beloved Japanese cuisine since the 1800s. The tastiest and most authentic sushi is found in Japanese restaurants, but it is also available in Kamei, the best Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. After reading this blog on how to eat properly, you can turn your next Japanese meal into a cultural lesson.

Sushi is an expensive habit, so why not treat yourself to some cultural education while having fun? Great sushi chefs’ study for years to master preparing those delightful bites for you. Why are we not learning a few etiquettes to eat this delectable food right and, in this way, showing some respect to chefs?

Proper Way to Eat Sushi

Here are some pointers and strategies for eating properly:


Grab the sushi with the chopsticks and bring it up to your taste buds to enjoy. Turn the delectable bite over down to cover the fish or sushi topping portion in soy sauce if you want to add seasonings like that. If you mix the rice with the sauce, the rice will absorb too much salty soy sauce. However, picking through the sushi with a chopstick is challenging for novices but not impossible.

Consume the Complete Sushi in One Go

Sushi is a delicious and visually appealing dish from Japan that requires sheer inventiveness and attention to detail for the proper fish cut and the perfect amount of rice softness. When you eat your sushi in one bite, the flavors combine to create an explosive flavor experience that will take you to Japan.

Have It with Ginger & Wasabi

Your entire sushi experience will be enhanced if ginger and wasabi are correctly incorporated into your slice of the dish. Ginger doesn’t touch the slice’s top. 

It is not implied that the wasabi will be mixed with the soy sauce. Instead, it should be eaten between sushi meals to refresh and cleanse your palette. While doing this, dab a small amount of wasabi on one side and then flip it over to dab the other portion into your soy sauce. This will allow the flavors to blend and enhance your dining experience.


Kamei, Best Japanese restaurant Vancouver exclusively uses the freshest, highest-quality ingredients for absolutely delicious sushi slices. Different fish species will have distinctive flavor profiles and pair differently with your chosen drink. You can order from the sushi menu at the restaurant with ease if you are aware of and understand your fish.

Thankfully, there are no strict rules regarding which type of it should be consumed first or in what order. The best sushi chefs might have a schedule for what should come first for each ingredient. Tell the chef what you exactly want and request extra slices if you don’t see them on the menu.

In Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, it is a delectable delicacy you must try. However, specific methods to consume it will enhance your overall dining experience. When you find yourself in Vancouver, walk to a sushi bar or restaurant to indulge your palate while enjoying the authentic Japanese ambiance.

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