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Construction Companies in Lahore


When it comes to construction companies in lahore Pakistan, there are a lot of options to choose from. But there are also some factors to keep in mind before choosing a company. Among them is the fact that you need to make sure the company is certified by the government. In addition to that, you should keep in mind the type of project you are looking to build. This will help you make a more informed decision.

Izhar Monnoo developers

Izhar-Monnoo Developers is a construction company in Lahore that has created some of the most outstanding projects in the country. This company is a joint venture between the Izhar Group of Companies and the Monnoo Group of Industries. Its headquarters are located at the Dream Gardens, Defence Road, Lahore.

construction companies in lahore

Izhar-Monnoo Developers has developed numerous projects in the country, including the first smart city in Pakistan, the Capital Smart City. The company also has a few small projects, which include houses and commercial outlets. Besides, the company also offers design and construction services.

If you are looking for a home in Lahore, then consider Dream Gardens. This project is located in the centre of the city. With a few minutes’ drive, you can reach the motorway interchanges and the Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Moreover, the area is near the ring road. Also, it is located in a fast-developing area, making it a convenient place to live.

There is also a second phase of the project. Dream Gardens Phase-II has residential and commercial plots. It is surrounded by educational institutions and retail shops. Moreover, it is a fully secured property. You can get your dream home and enjoy a peaceful life.

Construction companies in Lahore are doing their best to provide residents with high-end real estate projects. If you are thinking about investing in a new home, you might want to visit the company’s website to learn more about its services.

Thaheem Construction Company

The name Thaheem Construction Company is synonymous with building quality real estate in and around the city. It is one of the most reputable construction companies in Pakistan. Moreover, they have a plethora of staff and resources at their disposal. This translates to top-notch service. From housing to office buildings to residential complexes, Thaheem is ready to take care of your construction needs. Regardless of the size of your project, you can expect nothing but the best. Besides, they have an unbeatable array of luxury apartments, condominiums, and posh penthouses that will leave you drooling for more.

In addition to their impressive portfolio of residential real estate, the company has a slew of commercial properties to occupy your hard-earned money. To get an idea of the breadth and depth of the company’s offerings, check out their website or call them up on the phone. For a more hands-on experience, you can also visit their office. They are located at 100, Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.

Al Naafay Building

Al Naafay Construction Company is a chartered town planner with over 35 years of experience in developing multi-story complexes and housing societies. The company also specialises in small projects, including commercial outlets.

In addition to its construction services, Al Naafay is also known for its human resource management and recruitment. It hires across technical and professional trades as well as administrative personnel. As a result, the company boasts one of the best staffs in the business.

construction companies in lahore

On the flipside, the company also possesses a unique communications system that makes the job of managing and executing large-scale projects easier. For instance, the company boasts of having hundreds of employees at its beck and call. They are available around the clock and offer cutting-edge technology to their clients.

One of the best things about Al Naafay Construction is that it carries a hefty insurance policy. If something goes wrong, the company offers up to $1 million in compensation. Although the company’s name isn’t that well known, you can rest assured that the team has your back. Another cool thing about Al Naafay is that they offer premium-quality construction, which is a welcome change from the run-of-the-mill. Also, the company is a member of the Chartered Town Planning Institute, which demonstrates its commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

With its voluminous portfolio of high-quality real estate projects, you can count on Al Naafay to deliver the best.

Sadia and Ammar Associates

Sadia and Ammar Associates are one of the best construction companies in Lahore. The company specialises in providing top-class residential and commercial solutions to clients. They offer a wide variety of services, from interior design and renovation to architecture and landscape design.

Sadia and Ammar Associates is a well-known name in Pakistan with an impressive project portfolio.Its designs are detailed, clear, and concise. This firm also offers professional consulting services.

The company’s founders are Ammar Javed and Sadia Ammar. They have over 40 years of experience in various businesses. In addition to working in construction, they also advise their clients on the rights they have under contracts.

As a leading architecture and design firm, Saadia and Ammar Associates has a team of talented architects. Their designs are detailed and completed within the agreed-upon schedule. The firm has built several health facilities and homes for elderly citizens in Lahore. Moreover, it is also involved in large-scale planning and urban design projects.

The company has received gold awards for its remarkable achievements. It is known for its architectural fit-outs, interior designs, 3D modeling, and quality assurance. The firm is registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council.

SA Associates is committed to creating beautiful and bold architecture. They strive to achieve excellence in custom architecture. Using the fusion of science and art, they work to create architectural structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

IHA design works

IHA Design Works has been around since 2008. They are certainly worth a look, with a slew of projects under their belt.If you want to have a new house built to your specifications, this is the company to go to. They will definitely deliver on time and within budget. Their work is of the highest caliber.You will also get the benefit of a team of experts. Listed below are just a few of the many

construction companies in lahore

The IHA Design Works also has a number of awards and accolades to its name. The company is one of the best in the business. From their laudable efforts on the field to their commitment to quality and customer service, you will be pleased by their dedication. With a stellar track record, the team of architects and engineers is sure to leave you smiling. Moreover, the company is registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council. So if you are in the market for a new home or a commercial building, you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.

It is also a reputable organisation with a track record spanning more than 30 years. Using only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques, they are the go-to company for all your construction needs. Their services include architectural design and planning, dredging, construction management and maintenance, and interior design and decoration.

Habib Construction Services

The name Habib is a given when it comes to delivering high-quality construction and renovation services. As a leading provider of building solutions, the company has a diverse portfolio of construction projects across various industry sectors. It has a well-defined process for delivering its construction, renovation, and maintenance services, ensuring quality and service all the time. Habib’s reputation is built on a foundation of experience, expertise, and quality services that can be found in their offices all over the country.

One of its most notable accomplishments is its impressive track record of delivering the best construction and renovation services for government and private sector clients in Pakistan. The company has been named a top 50 contractor in the country by the World Bank and has performed numerous infrastructure development and refurbishment projects for the government. Its impressive track record includes the construction of major highways and freeways, as well as the most important roads in the country. HCS also provides a range of services in the following spheres: roads, bridges, power and energy, water and wastewater treatment, environmental services and facilities, and property services and management.

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