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Reasons To Consider A Career In Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Are you unsure what “logistics”, “supply chain management”, and “logistics” mean in a career sense? Many people don’t realize the impact industry has had on every aspect of their lives until then. Logistics ensures that goods can be delivered to consumers whenever and wherever they are needed.

Why Should We Choose Supply Chain Management

The logisticians are responsible for overseeing all aspects of product life, including distribution, allocation, and delivery. This is a great career choice if you are looking for steady, well-paid work.

Is Supply Chain Management A Good Career

According to the U.S., supply chain management majors will see a 30% increase in their careers over the next 10 years. This is much faster than the average growth for all occupations. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many different opportunities exist for Supply chain jobs. This makes it an attractive career option for anyone looking to change careers after graduation. There are many positions available in manufacturing companies, where the Supply Chain Manager oversees production as well as delivery to ensure everything runs smoothly. This degree can also be used to become a buyer or procurement manager in a retail store such as Target or Walmart.

Below are 10 great reasons to choose a career as a logistics and supply chain manager.

1. Employment Growth

The field of logistics is rapidly growing and has seen growth even during the worst recession. The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts a 7 percent increase in job opportunities between 2016-2026.

2. High Salaries

The median annual pay for logisticians in the United States was $74,590 or $35.86 an hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the lowest 10% earned less than $44,820 while the highest 10% earned more than $120,000.

3. Low Barrier Of Entry

Professionals in logistics have the chance to secure high-paying Supply chain jobs without a degree. While some roles might require graduate training, others may require bachelor’s degrees. However, most people can find work in logistics without an advanced degree. While there are a few jobs for those who have an associate’s degree, most logisticians should complete four years of postsecondary education. Learn more about obtaining your supply chain degree online at JWU Online.

4. There Are Many Opportunities For Advancement

While an advanced degree in logistics is not required for success, it can help you move quickly. Although there are many managerial jobs, they require more education and experience.

5. International Travel

Frequent international travel is a requirement for many logistics jobs. These trips are more about work than sightseeing but they provide many opportunities for those who eventually want to enter the international business field.

6. Job Opportunities In The Local Area

Many supply chain professionals dream of traveling, but not all want to do so. Logistics, despite being a hotspot, is also possible.

7. Industries Available

Specializations in logistics can be pursued by professionals. These sub-sectors include wholesaling and warehousing. You can also find employment in small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, local government agencies, and for private individuals.

8. There Are Many Internship Opportunities

Many aspiring logistics professionals worry about finding their first job, despite the fact that logistics is an expanding field. There are many stepping stones that lead to entry-level jobs, including internships paid at companies that offer job opportunities to graduates of programs.

9. Transferable Skills Development

Some logisticians stay in the field for many decades. Others use the skills they have to transition into other areas. The field of logistics has many transferable skills, including workflow optimization, financial planning, and forecasting.

10. Personal Satisfaction

Many people are attracted to supply chain management because of the steady job and the high pay. However, many choose to stay in this field due to the rewarding work. According to APICS’ 2017 survey, millennials consider supply chain management a career opportunity. Any logistician should consider the possibility of a rewarding career in supply chain management as their main reason to pursue a career.

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