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Conquer Your Fear of How to Learn Quran in 3 Simple Steps


It is time to conquer your fear of learning the Quran. The Holy Quran is a treasure of knowledge and blessings for those who learn it. It contains all the teachings, wisdom, and guidance of Allah (SWT). If you are looking to become a better Muslim, then this article will help you start by giving you an insight into How to learn Quran can help make you a better person in life.

Step 1. Read

Reading the Quran is a great way How to Learn Quran. There are many resources available online, but I prefer reading them in Arabic with English translation. Here are some other options:

  • Read the Qur’an with Arabic translation (and no English). This will help you understand what is being said when you translate it back into English later on so that you have a better understanding of what’s happening on these pages!
  • Read just one chapter at a time without any translation or commentary (if possible). This will allow your mind and heart time to process each sentence before moving on—which helps keep away distractions while also making sure everything stays focused on learning more about Islam and religion as a whole!

Step 2. Understand

In order to understand the meaning of a verse, you need to know what it means. So, let’s start by looking at some examples:

  • 1. The word “Allah” means God in Arabic. When reading Quran, you will see this word repeated many times throughout each chapter and sura (section). There are only two ways that Allah can be referred to in the Quran:
  • 1) Al-Lah – God (singular), or 2) Al-Lahyun – Your God (plural).

Step 3. Recite and Memorize

Recitation is one of the most important steps in learning the Quran. It’s also one of the hardest to master, but if you have a correct reading and pronunciation of the Qur’an, then recitation will become easy for you.

Recitation can be done by reciting aloud or silently (i.e., with your mouth closed). A good way is to say some verses while writing them down on paper so that they are easier to memorize later on when it comes time for memorization exercises like rote learning or memory games where only certain words need to be committed into memory by repeating them over and over again until they’ve been ingrained deep into your brain cells with no room left for error!

Quran is a treasure of knowledge and blessings for those who learn it.

Quran is the word of God.

It contains guidance for life, and it also contains guidance for the afterlife. Quran is a treasure of knowledge and blessings for those who learn it.


The key to learning Quran is to start practicing it and then it will become easier for you. The best way to learn Quran is by reading what’s written on paper, listening to audio recordings, or watching videos where there are experts explaining various topics related to the Holy Book of Islam (Quran).

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