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Common myths of web scraping that you thought were true

Web scraping is one of the most promising digital technologies that have emerged lately. As it has become the talk of the town, many things are being said about the innovative process. You will be surprised to know that several myths are already doing the rounds about web scraping, which are far from reality. Before using web scraping services, you must update your knowledge about the technology so that you can have a clear picture of what to expect from it. Scrape Yogi is one of the few companies that know the true potential of web scraping and uses it optimally to create value for its clients.

Myth 1 – Web Scraping is not legal

One of the most common myths about web scraping revolves around its legality. There is a misconception that the web scraping process is not legal. However, you will be pleased to know that it is a completely legal process. Nevertheless, web scrapers need to ensure that they are familiar with the terms of service of the chosen sites. Additionally, while scraping websites, password-protected information must not be collected as it might give rise to legal concerns. So long as the collected data is available openly or publicly, it is totally legal.

Myth 2 – The web scraping process is only useful for businesses 

It is believed by many that web scraping innovation is apt only for companies that work across industries and sectors. It is true that businesses are able to derive high value from web scraping as they gain access to insightful and rich datasets. But there are a plethora of other areas where web scraping solutions can be deployed. For instance, web scraping can be used in academic research to get accurate and reliable insight into online data. Similarly, web scraping techniques can be used by IT professionals and webmasters for testing the front end of websites.

Myth 3 – Web scraping can be done for all online websites

It is commonly believed that any website can be scraped, and data can be collected from it. But this is not true because an efficient web scraper has to keep in mind several aspects, such as adherence to the terms of service of a website and avoiding the collection of private data that requires a user id and password. The same goes for copyrighted data. Web scraping of copyrighted data is not only unethical, but it can give rise to legal concerns as well. 

Myth 4 – Web scraping and web crawling are one and the same

If you think that web crawling and web scraping are the same things, you are mistaken. When a web scraper performs the web scraping function, particular data is extracted from a target website. He might be interested in extracting data pertaining to product pricing, sales leads, etc. On the other hand, the data crawling process is the activity that is carried out by search engines. It involves scanning and indexing an entire site, including its internal links.

Myth 5 – Data can be instantly used after collection 

Although some might believe that the collected data is ready for use, it is not the case. While performing web scraping, a diverse range of elements has to be taken into consideration by a web scraper. A common consideration is a format in which data can be captured or the format in which data may be integrated into the system. Other aspects that experienced web scrapers give due importance to include data cleaning, data synthesizing, and data structuring areas. After the data collection process has come to an end, it is essential to follow a methodical approach so that duplicate or corrupt files can be eliminated. 


Many misconceptions exist about web scraping that may overwhelm you. However, now that you have a deeper insight into web scraping, you must carefully select the best scraping services that can meet your data requirements. A proficient and capable web scraping solution provider is one who can differentiate myths from reality regarding web scraping. Scrape Yogi is renowned for carrying out web scraping operations in the most efficient and productive manner. The professional team can ensure that a systematic procedure is followed to meet your specific data needs. 

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