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Comfortable Shoes for men and women

Fitted shoes or comfortable shoes form the basis of the dolce vita shoes collections. In our shoe store, you will find beautiful brand shoes and quality shoes from super nice brands. And we also have wonderful comfortable shoes with soft leather quality in various widths! Because at Meijerink Shoes we think trends, fit and walking comfort are important!

Comfortable and trendy shoes for women and men

In our shoe store, you will find good quality shoes with excellent fit. A good-fit shoe is always a good choice for your feet! Even without sensitive feet, crooked toes, heel spurs, or a high last. Because ideally, you want to prevent all these foot problems and walk wonderfully in your shoes. At Meijerink Shoes, you will find trendy and comfortable shoes for men and women, both in our shoe store and in our webshop.

Women’s comfort shoes from our collection are Wolky, Mephisto, Durea, Xsensible Stretchwalker, Joya, Finn Comfort, Waldlaufer, Verhulst,  Solidus, FitFlop, and Gabor.

Our comfort shoes for men can be found in the following brands: Clarks, Finn Comfort, Mephisto, Joya, Xsensible Stretchwalker, and Gijs.

You don’t need to have different feet these days to choose a comfortable shoe. Modern comfort shoes are fashionable and have a trendy look. The question is not “Which shoes should I choose for deviating feet?”, but “Which shoes should I choose from the Meijerink shoe collection!”

Shoes for back problems

Which shoes to choose for back problems? If you are looking for shoes that are good for your back, you should think about shoes that ensure optimal gait and gait. The distribution of the pressure on your feet and joints is important for your balance, especially with back problems. If you want to relieve your back and joints, choose a good cushioning sole. Our advice for shoes for back problems is the  Xsensible Stretchwalker shoes and the soft Joya shoes for women and men. These shoe brands have developed special soles for people with back problems and are therefore a fantastic choice!

Shoes for insoles or arch supports

What are the most comfortable shoes? These are shoes in which your feet have sufficient support and which support your gait and gait. Shoes that are suitable for your insoles can therefore be very comfortable. In addition to trendy shoes, we have a wide range of comfort women’s shoes suitable for insoles and men’s shoes for arch supports. Shoes with extra space for arch supports or insoles are the brands of comfortable shoes for women such as Durea, Finn Comfort, Waldlaüfer, Solidus, Mephisto,  Wolky, Ara, and Gabor. For men, we also have a collection of comfortable men’s shoes from Clarks, Finn Comfort, Solidus, Mephisto, and Waldlaufer. 

Podiatrist by appointment

At Meijerink Shoes, you will find the fit shoes you need. Our consultants are happy to assist you in our store, Meijerink Shoes in Hoorn. Would you like extra advice about your feet, the fit of your shoes or do you have difficult feet? Then you can contact our podiatrist. Meijerink Schoenen has its own podiatrist who will measure your shoes perfectly by appointment and advise you on the purchase of new shoes.

Shoes for sensitive feet

Which shoes are suitable for sensitive feet? Do you have sensitive feet, a deviated foot, a high instep, suffer from heel spurs, Hallux Vulgus, sagging, or need extra wide shoes? At Meijerink Shoes we have the right shoes for you, matching our brand shoes. Meijerink Shoes has been known for almost 75 years for its high level of service and the excellent collection of brand shoes in various widths in our shoe store and recent years in our webshop. Many of our brand shoes have removable soles, Velcro straps, or extra cushioning soles such as our Xsensible Stretchwalker collection.

Pumps for sensitive feet

Which pumps are comfortable to wear? These are pumps with a good fit and a soft footbed, with a heel that gives you sufficient balance. Women like to walk in elegant heels. Walking in heels is bad for your back and posture. Walking in heels puts extra pressure on the lower back and the position of your hips also changes. Furthermore, the calves are stretched and you can suffer from your Achilles tendon. It is therefore very important to wear the right pump, with a good fit, heel shape, and the correct heel height. Meijerink Shoes offers you a good solution with quality pumps with cushioning soles, soft leather, and the right footbed. This prevents your pump from pinching at the forefoot. Take a look at our Ara pumps and Gabor pumps.

Comfort sandals for women and men

Comfortable sandals have an excellent fit and are shaped to your feet and provide the right balance. A good brand shoe ensures that the pressure points of your feet are correctly distributed over the entire foot. At Meijerink Shoes, you will find a wide range of comfortable sandals for men and comfortable sandals for women in our brand collection. Sandals from top brands, made of soft quality leather and with a comfortable sole and fit. Sandals that you enjoy walking on and that look fashionable.

Comfort shoes and comfort sneakers

In our store and webshop, you will find comfortable shoes such as mid-high models, but also boots and sneakers. In addition to comfortable high shoes with a sporty character, you will also find the lower comfortable sneaker models from beautiful brands. Since our quality shoes are made of soft leather, you can be sure that they are suitable for sensitive feet and do not pinch. Various brand shoes have soles with extra cushioning and optimal suspension when walking and offer your toes extra space. Take a look at the Joya or Xsensible Stretchwalker!

Velcro comfort shoes

The adjustability is also useful with your shoes. If you put your feet up during a lot of walking in the afternoon, it is useful if you can adjust the laces or the Velcro slightly, for example. In our branded shoe collection we have Velcro shoes for ladies as well as adjustable Velcro shoes for men. So nice that you can put your comfortable shoe a bit wider or tighter!

Comfortable slippers

A slipper is a typical house shoe, where comfort is of great importance. Especially for seniors, a good comfortable slipper is important for safety at home. An anti-slip sole, good grip, and the right fit provide extra safety at home and prevent falls! You will also find your comfortable slippers for women and men in our store and our webshop!

Size guide or size chart, what is my shoe size

Are you unsure about your shoe size? Or do you want to be sure that you order the right shoes from our webshop? Then we would like to refer you to Size Advice, what is my shoe size?

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