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Coloring and exploring the fun of Korea through Squid Game and BTS coloring pages

To ensure that children’s needs for creative coloring subjects are met, we continually explore, discover and exploit familiar objects and phenomena around our lives. Coloring pages can be inspired and creative by nature, animals, family, friendship, school, etc., or indispensable lovely cartoon characters. Those are all fun coloring pages that we want to bring to children. And in today’s article, we will discover unique coloring pages that will create surprised for children. It’s the Squid game and BTS coloring pages. Are you curious about what these coloring pages are? Let’s start exploring!

Squid Game coloring pages will give children the experience of unique character creation

Squid Game coloring pages are not familiar coloring pages for children. Many children do not know this coloring subject. However, if your child learns and starts coloring with these coloring pages, they will be highly interested and excited to explore the many Squid Game coloring pictures.

Squid Game coloring pages
Printable Squid Game coloring sheets

Squid Game

Squid Game is a Korean movie. This movie is famous all over the world. But since this is not a fun cartoon, very few children will know about this movie. Squid Game is a movie that took ten years to plan and captured the audience’s attention in a “special” way that no one expected. Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk was reckless when choosing a subject depicting the ability of people to survive.

Squid Game content revolves around death games based on familiar games of Korean children in the past, held at a secret location by a mysterious organization in Korea with 456 participants – people who are in debt have financial difficulties. The winner who passes six rounds will receive a vast reward. In return, the loser will pay with his own life.

Squid Game is an attractive survival movie for adults. The film is built with many Korean children’s games, but it is not suitable for children. Because the film contains many violent elements. Squid Game is considere a meaningful movie about life and people. The film explores the psychology and life of people in many social classes. The film’s content also reflects the dark corners of society, emotional values, and material values. The question for the viewer is, what will people choose in front of money and emotions? The film is about the traps and deceptions of society; in front of those negative people must always try to keep their good nature.

Printable Squid Game

Squid Game is not a movie suitable for children. However, printable Squid Game coloring sheets are fun coloring pages that children should explore. We created the Squid Game coloring page from the movie’s characters, story, and games. Children will see this as a new and fun coloring subject to practice their coloring ability.

Squid Game coloring pictures are black and white and have quality pictures. Children will have to observe what is in the image and determine what the picture shows. Then the child will choose colors, combine colors, and color the pictures to form a complete picture. The children’s task is complete when the black and white pictures turn into full-color images. Children’s coloring ability will be judge as well or not well, depending on whether the image they create is beautiful and harmonious or not.

However, for children just starting to color, we do not require them to form a picture according to standards such as beautiful, not smeared, or creative. We always encourage children to color to stimulate creativity and develop thinking in the beginning. Later, when the child has mastered coloring, parents can ask the child to color more beautifully and creatively. Depending on the development stage and age of the children, parents have their requirements for children’s coloring activities.

BTS coloring pages are impressive coloring pages of famous Korean music group

Next is a fun coloring subject that is also roote in Korea. The BTS coloring page – It’s the famous Koreanmusics group BTS. If you or your kids are 10-15, they will probably know about BTS. BTS is a favorite Korean music group of 7 talented and handsome boys. We don’t need to spend time praising each BTS member’s looks, personality, or talent. However, these essential factors are not enough to make it all.

BTS coloring pages
Printable BTS coloring sheets

K-pop fans

K-pop fans often think a successful K-pop music group is based on a perfect formula: good looks, distinctive elements, and quality music. These factors are essential and account for almost 80% of an idol music group’s image coverage with the public. BTS is a music group that has all of the above elements. And another remarkable thing is that BTS always does everything from their heart and sincerity. The music products and the feelings toward the fans are all sincere and affectionate of the seven boys. They are love not only by Korean audiences but also by world fans.

If you or your kids are Korean music lovers, especially BTS, then BTS coloring pictures are coloring pages that you should not miss. Printable BTS coloring sheets fully depict seven talented singers. We have pictures of all seven members and pictures of each member: Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Jimin, etc. Which singer is your favorite? Please choose his image to paint color; you can also select all your favorite pictures to explore.


Instead of buying posters or ready-made pictures of BTS, you choose to color and create BTS coloring pages that will be more meaningful. These pictures entertain and relax you and help you practice your coloring ability. If you are a skillful colorist or creative, you test your talent through BTS coloring sheets.

Children may not know much about BTS, but these are human coloring pictures so that children can practice coloring carefully and skillfully. The children will remember human features, such as what parts are on the face and the functions of those parts. BTS coloring pages are helpful and practical coloring pages for kids. Children have just been practicing coloring and learning how to memorize.


Squid Game and BTS coloring pages are novel coloring pages for kids. These are coloring pages created by Korean movies and music groups. Children can practice and develop their coloring skills and discover many special Korean cultural features through these coloring pages. Parents should explore coloring with their children because these coloring pages are also suitable for adults. In addition, we have a lot of coloring pages with many different coloring subjects; you can freely choose at Coloringpagesonly.com. We are rate as a quality and free coloring page provider for kids and adults. Parents and children can search the website for any coloring pages they want!

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