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Colorful Bandhani Sarees – A Rajasthani And Gujarati Rhapsody

Bandhej, also known as bandhani, is an old tie-and-dye method from Gujarat widely used throughout the state and in neighboring Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Bandhej or bandhani sarees and a variety of other fabrics and outfits are made from it.

The bandhani saree aka bandhej has been worn for generations. Bandhej remains one of the world’s most popular ethnic clothing when it comes to women’s clothing.

The methods for manufacturing these sarees have evolved, but the core notions have not. Before being dipped in colorful natural dyes used at SootiSyahi in various colors, a plain white fabric is tied with rings, plastic caps, and other necessary tools to keep the fabric stiff. It is then boiled and sent for further processing. Once all the necessary steps of this manufacturing process are done the fabric is dried and VOILA, the cotton saree is good to go.

Brides and Bridesmaids Should Go Ethnic With These Bandhani Sarees!

This wedding season, the bridesmaids and their bridesmaids can dress up in elegant bandhej sarees. Since the finished fabric has kaleidoscopic co-centric motifs and lines, it looks very appealing. Colors and tying techniques vary by area, and each technique gives a unique style and pattern. Ekdali, for example, is a single knot pattern, while Trikunti has three knots and Chaubandi has four. cotton kurti

A mix of some of these designs is used to create unique Bandhej aka bandhani sarees. Other notable designs are Leheriya, Mothra, and Shikari, which require more advanced processes and are known for their artistic beauty. These designs might be equally spread across the fabric or proportionally organized in the pallu or skirt area or at the edges.

Bandhani Sarees Ethnic Colors

Blue, red, black, green, and yellow is traditional hues used to dye bandhani sarees, with regional variations. The classic design of Jaipuri bandhej sarees is often in a range of bright hues, which perfectly fits the state’s color-oriented fashion ethos. However, a warmer color palette confined to yellow and orange may be more popular in Gujarat.

Of course, these traditional sarees made by artisans are no longer the only bandhej sarees available to ladies. Modern sarees print this gorgeous ethnic design on numerous materials to duplicate it. 

While these modern sarees would be less expensive compared to these hand-block-printed authentic traditional sarees, they would not be as ‘genuine’ as the original. But these modern sarees would definitely have a more modern vibe, which some ladies may like and appreciate.

Silk is the traditional and most popular ‘fancy’ fabric for such sarees in terms of textiles. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for Rajasthani bandhej sarees since it is suited to the state’s hot climate and can readily be dyed into the brilliant hues seen on these sarees. cotton curtains

Chiffon bandhej sarees are becoming increasingly popular since the vibrant bandhej designs complement the thin, clinging fabric. Fabrics like silk, cotton, and satin are often utilized today to create these beautiful art pieces. 

The more expensive fabric, the more will be the high-end variation.

While traditional sarees made by rural craftspeople have an unrivaled cultural appeal, there are also more modern and updated variants that may better fit the interests of modern ladies. Designer bandhani sarees from well-known fashion houses, for example, incorporate more modern patterns, textiles, and decoration while retaining these professional abilities.

A classic bandhani saree may have little to no additional decorations, whereas any designer bandhani saree will have a lot of additional zaris, designs, and patchworks. The authentic bandhani saree relies on the liveliness of the various vivid patterns to create an appealing ambiance.

Bandhani Sarees Style Suggestions By SootiSyahi

The style of a bandhani saree and the event for which it is worn will determine how it is styled. These outfits are famous for festivals, which are very popular in west India, and massive Indian jewelry is preferred. Bandhej sarees, oxidized necklaces, cotton bed sheets, multicolored lac bangles, massive antique silver earrings, and silver bangles all have an ethnic and festive feel.

Rich silk bandhani sarees are ideal for a high-end or special occasion such as a wedding. The authentic versions of these lively and beautiful bandhani sarees can be challenging unless you have easy access to an emporium or market. 

In such cases, one can buy Bandhej sarees, known as Bandhani saree online from us at sootisyahi a reliable women’s fashion clothing site dealing in the traditional art form of our Indian culture and heritage.

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