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Clickoot Provides an Ecommerce Delivery System

Clickoot, a startup that provides a delivery system for online stores, has been in the market since 2011. The company’s delivery agents are 80% directly employed and the rest come from the gig economy, which offers flexibility and scale-up potential. It also offers automated routes that are designed for maximum efficiency and speed. Its goal is to provide a next-day delivery service that is comparable to that of Amazon. In fact, it boasts success rates higher than incumbent logistics companies in Pakistan.


The eCommerce delivery system in Pakistan is booming. The country’s e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in the world, with sales increasing 92 percent in the past fiscal year to reach 99.3 billion rupees, according to the World Economic Forum. The country has more than 40 million internet users, and internet penetration is projected to double in the next five years. It is currently the 46th largest market for eCommerce, with revenue expected to hit US$4 billion by 2020.

The country’s Internet penetration has increased dramatically, thanks to the introduction of 3G/4G services. In 2017, the country had 118.8 million internet subscribers, making the country’s internet market a mobile-first market. As a result, traffic to eCommerce websites is especially high during national holidays and special event seasons. Major sporting events in Pakistan drive sales of related apparel and equipment.

The rider operates 16 hubs across Pakistan. Merchants can send orders to any of these hubs, and the company’s delivery agents pick up the packages. The couriers have a digital fleet, which enables them to deliver products to their customers quickly. They can also provide their buyers with live tracking, scheduling, and route optimization.

Currently, Daraz, Yayvo, and HumMart are some of the leading online retailers in the country. In addition to these companies, there are many others that offer goods and services online. Global and regional ride-hailing giants such as Uber and Careem also have an online presence in Pakistan, and PakWheels and Zameen are the largest property and car marketplaces. FoodPanda, meanwhile, is one of the largest food delivery services in Pakistan. These online marketplaces make it easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to sell products and services to customers.

Leopards courier

When it comes to the delivery of goods from online stores to consumers, no one beats Leopards courier. Not only does the company offer live tracking and special discounts for online shoppers, but it is also known for its timely deliveries. This delivery service is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses that operate during peak online sales periods. The company’s delivery stats demonstrate how it can handle large loads of deliveries.

The company also offers several services for local delivery. It offers Cash on Delivery, which means that you can receive your product the next day and have it delivered the same day. The company specializes in small packages, but also provides services for larger shipments. This delivery system makes tracking shipments simple and convenient. You can also get cash in three business days when you use this service. The company has a network of 1500 locations throughout Pakistan.

The company provides eFulfillment services and takes care of everything from packaging to processing and shipping orders. This service makes it possible for businesses to sell their goods online in Pakistan. This delivery system is incredibly convenient for businesses that want to expand their business throughout the country.

Leopards courier offers a free 30-day trial of its fulfillment service. To sign up, you must fill out a simple form with basic details, including your city and business type. Then, you can begin using the fulfillment service, which can help make the eCommerce business community more efficient.


Clickoot is a startup that provides e-commerce delivery solutions for businesses in Pakistan.Offices in many cities and works with over 1,000 eCommerce delivery systems in store.

The company has a network of 16 delivery hubs across Pakistan and has made over three million deliveries. It works with merchants to create a seamless eCommerce delivery experience across Pakistan. The system also includes live tracking and scheduling for buyers. The startup is based in Karachi and has grown its customer base to more than 650 online sellers. The company currently operates 16 hubs and covers approximately 60% of the eCommerce demand in Pakistan.


Unlike traditional courier services, Clickoot provides eCommerce delivery to a wide range of locations across the country. It has a network of 16 delivery hubs, covering over 60 cities in Pakistan. The company’s technology allows merchants to scan their product and send it to a delivery center. Once it reaches the destination, it is picked up by delivery agents.

Clickoot offers a range of solutions, including first-mile delivery, domestic delivery, and COD. It covers all major cities and some international locations. It also offers warehousing and packaging. With its technology, it caters to eCommerce store owners in Pakistan and can deliver products all over the world.

Y Combinatior

Y Combinator has invested in an eCommerce delivery startup based in Karachi, Pakistan called Rider. The startup, founded by former UPS Pakistan executive Salman Allana, is building a system for next-day delivery and route optimization for online sellers. It also offers live tracking and scheduling for buyers. The startup’s services have already helped 650 online sellers increase sales by doubling their customer base. They have also delivered three million parcels across 60 cities in Pakistan.

The startup’s tech makes the process of delivering goods simple and effective for e-commerce players. It connects SMS functionality with fulfillment tools so that a small e-commerce company can text customers to let them know when their orders are shipping. The company’s founders were among the youngest founders in the Y Combinator batch.

Moonshot Brands is a fast-growing platform for direct-to-consumer brands. The company has raised $160M from Y Combinator and other investors. Its investors include Y Combinator, Victory Park Capital, and Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures. Other investors include Outbound Ventures, N49P, Keisuke Honda, and the founders of unicorns Hippo, Lambda School, and Shift.

Challenges for eCommerce delivery system in Pakistan

The delivery system for eCommerce is not yet streamlined in Pakistan. There are still challenges to overcome and many factors that could cause delays. One of the most important challenges is the lack of infrastructure. The country’s logistics are very manual, which is why only 80 to 85 percent of shipments actually reach their final destination. In addition, online marketplaces have identified fake attempts by courier riders and legacy courier companies cannot guarantee that the riders will go to the correct address. Furthermore, there is no way to know if the customer will be home or not when the parcels arrive.

Lack of reliable and affordable ICT infrastructure and electricity are other major barriers to the digital trade sector in Pakistan. There are also problems in terms of logistics and payment. Despite these problems, the country’s e-commerce industry has tremendous potential and prospects for growth. However, there are several challenges that need to be overcome for the industry to thrive in Pakistan.

The country’s e-commerce market is still in its early stages, but it is growing at an astonishing rate. With 207 million inhabitants and a youth population of 63%, Pakistan has a sizeable market for e-commerce. In FY17, the total amount of eCommerce sales in Pakistan was US$622 million, and this figure is expected to grow even higher in the coming years.

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