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Choosing the Right Order Picker and Scissor Lift Trolley for Your Needs

If you own a warehouse, you know how vital an order picker and scissor lift trolley is. For context, an order picker is an equipment used to pick and deliver goods required for an order from storage. This equipment is essential in ensuring speed deliveries, safety, and accuracy for any business that supplies orders.

Similarly, having a scissor lift trolley will also make your work in the warehouse much easier. Selecting the correct order picker and scissor lift trolley to fit your specific need is vital in streamlining the operations.

Now, with the many available options, making the right choice can be daunting. This guide sheds light on the key considerations to ensure you get only the best order picker and scissor lift trolley.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Order Picker or Scissor Lift Trolley

The Layout of Your Warehouse

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when selecting an order picker or scissor lift trolley is the layout of your warehouse. If you have a well-organised warehouse, it will maximise space and optimise workflow.

Determine the unique design, shelf height, and aisle width to know the kind of order picker and scissor lift trolley to go with. If you have narrow isles will need slimmer machines, while expansive ones will call for larger ones. Also, your ceiling height will determine the lift height to go with.

Also, the floor condition largely determines the equipment to go with. If it has any potential obstructions, it looks for a machine to accommodate them.

The Type of Items You Are Handling

Products vary in size, weight, and how fragile they are. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when selecting an order picker or scissor lift trolley. Bulk items will need a scissor lift trolley with a large platform and better stability.

Also, get a lift trolley that can bear the weight of a heavy item without malfunctioning. For fragile items, ensure that the lift trolley is soft so that they do not damage.

The Height Requirements

Most warehouses have different arrangements for their storage units for items. In some, items are stacked together at different heights. Therefore, ensure the scissor lift trolley you select safely reaches the highest point of your warehouse without compromising stability.

Your Budget

Finally, consider your budget when looking for a suitable platform trolley or order picker for your warehouse. You want to go for a functional, sturdy machine that won’t malfunction easily but at a pocket-friendly price.

How to Find the Best Order Picker and Scissor Lift Trolley Model for Your Needs


In the hunt for the best order picker or scissor lift trolley, ensure that it has all the necessary features to make it as functional as possible. Check the weight it can handle, its height range, and safety mechanisms. Also, ensure that it is easy to use and manoeuvre, not forgetting the frequency of use. Making the proper selection for order pickers and scissor lift trolleys will ensure productivity and safety.

Lifting Capacities

Another essential aspect to check is the lifting capacity of the scissor lift trolley. It all starts with the size of the load you are dealing with and its weight. Also, determine the average and maximum load requirements to guide you on whether to go for light-duty or heavy-duty capacities. Ensure that the lift trolley you select can easily handle heavy items.

Power Sources

It is vital to consider your power sources when selecting a suitable trolley model. You can opt for hydraulic, electric, and manual fits based on what works best for you. An electric trolley will be easy to work with, while hydraulic ones ensure power. On the other hand, manual trolleys ensure simplicity.


Manoeuvrability matters in your warehouse. Therefore, it is important to find the right order picker and scissor lift trolley that can glide effortlessly and ensure that you have smooth operations. Also, the machine you select should be able to navigate tight corners and narrow aisles with ease.

Tips for Evaluating Order Picker and Scissor Lift Trolley Options

Do Your Research

Paramount research is necessary when trying to find the right order picker and scissor lift trolley for your business. Through this, you will know the one that will work best for your warehouse and the work you need to do.

Get Quotes From Multiple Sources

Before settling on a particular order picker or scissor lift trolley, ask for quotes from multiple sources. You do not want to miss out on an affordable and high-quality machine for an expensive one with the same features and functionality.

Test Drive the Equipment Before You Buy It

Ensure that you test drive the equipment you want to purchase beforehand. Also, be sure to check for all its malfunctions before you buy it.


Order pickers and scissor lift trolleys are fundamental in easing the workflow in various businesses and warehouses. However, you need to consider various factors before purchasing the machines to ensure you end up with only the best option for your business. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), proper training and maintenance of lifting equipment are critical for ensuring worker safety. Ensure you do proper research and sample various vendors for the machines.

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