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Choose Reliable Performance with Hyundai and Godrej Forklift Trucks

The heavy-duty equipment industry consistently manufactures machinery that outperforms the work output expectations of infra professionals. One such high-performing equipment is a forklift truck.

This equipment can undertake a set of complex tasks. Additionally, it is majorly used in warehouses, manufacturing units, etc.

Besides, it’s designed in a way to carry equipment parts, storage house goods, and other heavy materials. Moreover, it comes with a decent lifting capacity so as to stack materials on higher shelves with ease & precision.

HYUNDAI 25B-7A Forklift Truck

With its inventive technologies, this model tops the chart of the best-selling construction machine. To illustrate, this Hyundai construction equipment comes with a lifting load capacity of 2500 kg. This functionality subsequently facilitates the carriage of heavy materials to a distant height & distance.

Moreover, the turning radius of 2095 mm ensures the smooth turning of wheels in congested spaces. Further impressive is the model’s ability to reach a height of 5000 mm. Besides, the total length of the face of the forks is 2286 mm. More importantly, this forklift truck is available for a price range of Rs. 22-24 Lakh in India.

GODREJ CPCD30 Forklift Truck

With a price range of Rs.5-7 Lakh, this model is the best-performing forklift from Godrej for the right reasons. To exemplify, the forklift truck can reach up to 5000 mm. This subsequently aids in stacking materials at higher racks within the warehouse.

Besides, the length of the face of the forks is 3750 mm. This consequently helps this Godrej equipment ace various tasks with utmost efficiency. Moreover, the machine does come equipped with a decent turning radius.

Curious to find out how these heavy-duty models can upscale your project’s progress? Or do you need help with which forklift truck to purchase for your upcoming project? Well, InfraJunction caters to all these queries of yours.

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