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Moving to Canada as a Skilled Overseas Worker

If you wish to immigrate to Canada as a skilled overseas worker, you have to calculate your points score in the CRS Calculator. You are also required to Check eligibility for Canada PR.

Skilled worker immigration is managed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada under the Express Entry System. The candidates with the maximum scores in the pool are offered ITAs – Invitations to Apply through any of the following immigration programs:

·         Federal Skilled Worker Program

·         Canada Experience Class

·         Express Entry linked Provincial Nominee Program categories

After receiving the ITA, you have to submit the complete application to the appropriate program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program is for candidates selected for immigration based on their skills and work experience. Candidates selected to apply for the FSWP have to apply online through Express Entry System from 1st January 2015. Candidates who have submitted their applications prior to January 2015 will have their applications processed as per the previous system.

To qualify to apply, you have to:

·         Possess a job offer; or

·         Be qualified to work in Canada; or

·         Be in a position to demonstrate having adequate money for supporting yourself in Canada along with dependents and

§  Possess a minimum of full-time 1 year or corresponding skilled experience

§  Fulfill minimum language proficiency level in French or English

§  Possess a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate at the Post-secondary level

§  Intend to reside outside Quebec province

FSWP Work Experience Requirement

You must have work experience in an occupation classified as Skill Type 0, or Skill Level B or A on the Canada NOC – National Occupational Classification. The work experience has to be full-time or corresponding part-time and paid. 30 hours weekly implies full-time work. You must have obtained work experience in the last 10 years.

The above requirements are not applicable if you possess a full-time job offer from an employer in Canada.

The FSWP Points System

You are required to secure a minimum of 67 points to qualify for filing an FSWP application. The allocation of points is based on your:

·         Education

·         Proficiency in English or French language

·         Age

·         Work Experience

·         Presence of job offers in Canada

·         Adaptability

The FSWP has a unique system of allocation of points based on diverse selection factors. The aim is to select candidates who can demonstrate the ability for successful establishment in Canada with dependents. Ideally, the candidates will have experience and skills corresponding to in-demand occupations. The candidates who have authentic job offers have an edge over others.


Quebec as well as other provinces in Canada also manages their individual economic class immigration pathways. Candidates can obtain the Canada PR Visa through the Provincial Nominee Programs and Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It is on the basis of their demonstrated competency to establish themselves economically in Canada. This is as per the respective immigration pathways and eligibility criteria specified by PNPs or QSWP.

Meanwhile, Quebec also manages the highly renowned QIIP – Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

Canada Start-up Visa Program

Canada launched the Start-up Visa Program initially on a 5-year pilot basis in April 2013. Later, the Government made it permanent in March 2018. Eligible overseas entrepreneurs can obtain Canada PR Visa through this program.

The Start-up Visa intends to select enterprising entrepreneurs and align them with private-sector businesses in Canada. These include business incubators, venture capital funds, or angel investor groups. This is to facilitate the launch of their start-up ventures in Canada.

Self Employed Program

The Self-Employed Program of Canada is aimed at candidates who:

·         Possess appropriate self-employment experience

·         The ability and intention for creating employment for themselves

·         Can contribute significantly to the athletic, artistic, or cultural life of Canada; or

·         Can create employment for themselves by buying and managing farmland in Canada

The Government of Quebec manages its individual immigration pathways for skilled overseas workers as well as entrepreneurs and investors.


Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the business class immigration program of Quebec. It is for businesspeople having high net worth and intending to secure PR Visa through passive investment.

The major eligibility criteria for QIIP are as follows:

·         Having lawful acquisition of $ 2million personal net worth

·         Having 2 years of appropriate business or management experience in the last  years before the QIIP application

·         Commitment to make a $1.2 million investment into a government-assured passive investment for 5 years and with nil interest incurred

·         Have the intention to settle in the Quebec Province

If you aim to move to Canada as a skilled worker and calculate your points score in the CRS Calculator or Check eligibility for Canada PR, Contact Nationwide Visas.

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