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Change the name of my Facebook business page.

Change the name of my Facebook business page.

Your Facebook page name is more important than a physical listing in today’s digital age. Your Facebook business page lets your followers keep up to date about your brand, products, and new launches. Are you considering rebranding your Facebook page? It would help to reevaluate your entire social media presence as a business. Followers on Instagram

This includes updating your social media handles to reflect your new brand. This article will tell you everything you need to know to change your Facebook page name successfully.

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These are some rules to follow when you change your Facebook page name.

There are some things you should keep in mind when you think about changing the name of your Facebook page. First, choose a name that you are comfortable with. Although creating a new Facebook name is simple, it cannot be easy. Facebook will not allow you to change your profile name more than once. It will also confuse your followers. You must be an administrator to request a name change for your Facebook page. Remember that your new name must accurately reflect the message of the Facebook page. These are some guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Your Facebook page name must not contain any terms or phrases that could be considered discriminatory, abusive, or violate anyone’s rights.

Facebook page names should not be capitalized incorrectly (such as “bEsT pAntS”), any unnecessary punctuations or symbols, or any slogans. Please keep it simple and use grammatically correct capitalization.

Facebook pages should not contain any variations of “Facebook” within their names.

Your Facebook page should not contain only geographical locations. If your cafe is in London, you can call it “Expresso Café – London.” Your page should not be named “London” simply because it is located in London.

Your Facebook page name shouldn’t contain generic terms or words. If your page is about sneakers, you should not just call it “Shoes.” Personalize it.

No more than 75 characters should be used for your Facebook page name. It should be concise, precise, and memorable.

How to Change the Facebook Page Name on Your Desktop

Follow these steps to change the name of your Facebook page from your desktop.

  • Log in to get started.
  • You are the Admin for the Facebook page and wish to change the name.
  • Click on “Edit” to edit your Facebook page name.
  • Next, click on “About” at the top left corner of your page.
  • Change Facebook Page Name to a New Name
  • Next, click on “Account Name” to proceed. Type the new name for your Facebook Page.
  • After you have entered the new name, click “Continue.”
  • The “Continue” option is not available.

Double-check your Facebook page to ensure that you are listed as the administrator. Other page roles do not have the power to change the name. Only an administrator can.

When you are not an administrator, You can modify the settings by clicking on “Settings,” then click on “Page Roles” in the upper left corner.

If you are the Admin

If you are the administrator and cannot see the Continue button, ensure that you have not changed the Facebook page name in the past seven days. Make sure you are 100% certain.

The new Facebook name that you requested is the one that you will choose. You can’t undo what you have done. Before you send the request, make sure to check the spelling.

You can change your Facebook page name by clicking “Request Change.”

Once you are done, click the “Request Change” button. Your request has been sent to Facebook for approval.

Be Patient

After you submit the request, you can wait. It doesn’t usually take Facebook long to approve a name-change request. You can still reach them if it has been more than three days. Ask them what is taking so long and if there are any things you can do to speed up the process.

How to Change the Facebook Page Name on Your Mobile

To create a new Facebook name from your Facebook app, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “About” option.
  •  Scroll to the left to access the “About” section.
  • Modify the name
  • Click on “Edit Page Info” to continue.
  • Information Update
  • You’ll now see a pop-up “Update Page Info” click on it.
  • Section “Name”
  • Next, click on “Name” to enter your new Facebook username.
  • Click on “Submit.”
  • Once done, click “Submit” to confirm that you have successfully created your Facebook Page Name.

What if you are unable to change your Facebook page name?

These are the reasons Facebook hasn’t updated your name yet:

Did you adhere to all policies on Facebook? Your Facebook page could have been flagged if it didn’t follow the guidelines for page names or used spammy tactics to gain followers. Facebook can suspend your page for suspicious activities or contrary to rules. In those cases, you will not be able to change the name on your page.

Are you a patient person?

Facebook usually takes around three business days to review the changes and make them effective. Did you or the Administrator attempt to change the name on your Facebook page’s title less than seven days ago? This will result in Facebook setting limits for your page. You could also be subject to an account suspension if you keep changing your page name too often.

Your Facebook page had a large following. To change your page name, you must be an administrator if your page has more than 200 likes. If you have less than 200 Facebook likes, you may be able to change the name of your page without becoming an administrator.

If none of these reasons apply to your situation, you can submit an official appeal via Facebook by filling out this form.

What’s Next?

  • You can easily change your Facebook page name if you comply with the Terms of Service.
  • You must also allow Facebook to view your page when you request a name modification.
  • Facebook may close your page if it finds out you have violated any of its rules. Be cautious.
  • You will get an auto-reply after you submit a request to change the name of your Facebook page.
  • After that, they will contact you within three business days.
  • If you don’t have a lot of likes, we’d love to mention it. It will be much easier to create a new Facebook account name.
  • If you don’t use your page often, this will be a better and more convenient option.
  • It will also be difficult to convert existing Facebook fans to like your new page if you already have a lot of followers.

You can notify your followers about your name change by posting a message on your wall. This is a risky move that might not work.

Last Thoughts

That’s it! These are the steps to change your Facebook page name. All you need to know about changing your Facebook page’s name in 2022. It’s not difficult to change your Facebook page name. You can also create a Facebook Profile Video to showcase your brand to your audience and followers.

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