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Top 10 Cell Phone Pranks You Should Try

In today’s world, cell phone pranks are tech’s gift to mankind. For some people, pulling pranks on their friends is a great joy. A prank perfectly planned and executed is a beautiful thing. Today almost everybody has a smartphone that is full of pranking potential. However, the possibilities are limitless as your imagination. This article will discuss ten ways you can prank your loved ones. In this regard, you merely have to borrow their cell phone for a couple of minutes or find an unattended phone without the security lock. Have a look at these ten harmless cell phone pranks:

1. Change contact names

One of the cell phone pranks that prove to be very naughty to your victim is changing some contact names on their phone to random things. For example, open the contact app on a friend’s phone, replace the victim’s love interest with your contact name, and then flirt with him after saving the changes. Then, when the victims call or text their love interest, they would rather talk to you. You’ll have lots of fun with him. It is one of the harmless cell phone pranks.

2. Set lots of alarms

Another prank you can play on your friend is changing the alarm clock settings on his cell phone at random times. It might be when your victim is likely in a public place or late at night. While setting the alarms, you might also choose a sound file to be the alarm tone if the phone allows you. Finally, select something embarrassing or funny to have fun with later.

3. Change the language

One of the naughty pranks you can play is going into the settings and changing the language of your victim’s mobile.

4. Change the fingerprints

Another funniest prank you can play on your friend’s cell phone is adding your fingerprint and deleting theirs. It will be funny since they won’t be able to access their phone with their print (only with their passcode)

5. Tape on the earpiece

In this prank, you can make your victim think that their smartphone has an audio sound problem. For that, stick some clear tape on the earpiece by removing the phone cover if it has one. Next, attach the clear tape to the earpiece, then return the phone cover. So the next call will sound very soft. Although this prank is easy to detect, it will surely bring laughter when the victim finds the tape.

6. Add a text replacement

In this cell phone prank, you will do text replacement on your victim’s phone. Choose a word they probably often use in text and replace it with something funny. For example, on their phone, you can replace the word ‘them’ with something like ‘April fool.’ So when they text, ‘i will be at the house soon,’ it will change into ‘i will be at the April fool house soon.’ This prank will surely puzzle your victim.

7. Change their ringtone

Another prank is about changing the ringtone of your victim’s smartphone and creating an awkward situation. Pick a song they are likely to dislike and make it their ringtone. It will be embarrassing with funny situations depending on your creativity.

8. No sound

This prank is about turning off all sounds from the victim’s smartphone. For this sake, go to the settings, accessibility, then hearing and select turn off all sounds. It will make their smartphone mute even with the volume set to maximum. Enjoy this prank on your friend, as there will be many missed calls and messages.

9. Staining the ears

Another cellphone prank is about staining your victim’s ears indirectly. For this sake, place some ink on the earpiece of your friend’s cell phone and then call him. After that, engage him in some talk, and at the end of the conversation, ask him if he washed his ears today. It will make him puzzled until he sees his ear in the mirror.

10. Cracked screen

In this prank, download any cracked screen app. After that, turn the effect on and exit the app. These apps are almost the same. They display the screen as ‘cracked’ as your victim tries to unlock the device. This prank will surely bring a lot of fear and panic in the initial moments. However, you can keep your phone screen safe with some essentials.

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