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CAT (Common Admission Test) is considered one of the most challenging management entrance exams. Each year, more than two lakh students appear for the exam. Since the seats in the MBA/PGDM courses of top-ranked B-schools are limited, the competition is very high. CAT exam is set with the intention of checking the managerial aptitude of the candidates. The candidates are assessed to determine whether they have an aptitude for managerial studies. Due to these factors, the exam is quite difficult to ace. Yet, why are so many students interested in MBA? What are the advantages of taking the CAT 2022 exam? How should we prepare for the exam considering the challenges it poses?

Through the article, we will try to answer these questions and give you more clarity. 

CAT 2022: Overview

CAT 2022 exam is expected to be held in November 2022. The exam is conducted by one of the IIMs each year. They administer the test on a rotational basis. This year, IIM Bangalore is expected to conduct CAT 2022 exam. Each year, an official notification is released to provide information regarding the exam pattern, eligibility, time limits, etc. This year, the official notification is expected to be released by 31 July 2022. 

However, the pattern of CAT does not change that often, so we can rely on CAT 2021 for these details. 

CAT 2022 will have three sections, namely, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). The candidates are asked questions from these areas only. Though IIMs do not prescribe a CAT syllabus for the exam, the experts have made a list of topics from each section as per the previous year’s papers.

  1. VARC Topics

Reading comprehension; Paragraph Jumbles; Paragraph Summary; Sentence Completion and some other miscellaneous question about sentence correction etc.

  1. DILR Topics

Bar Graph; pie charts; tables; line graphs; Venn Diagrams; word problems; combination of graphs; visualisation-based puzzles; mathematical puzzles; tournaments and games; calendar; sequencing; grid puzzles; seating arrangement; direction-based puzzles.

  1. QA Topics

Arithmetics; Geometry; Algebra; Number Theory and Modern Mathematics.

The exam comprises 66 questions in total. The time to attempt these questions is 120 minutes. There is a time limit of 40 minutes for each section. Thereby, the candidates can not switch between the sections. There are two types of questions in the CAT exam. The first is the MCQ-type, and the other is the TITA (Type in the answer) questions.

Due to the limited seats, a high number of aspirants, time crunches and vast syllabus, CAT 2022 exam is considered very tough. However, the question remains: Why should one go for an MBA? What are the advantages of appearing for CAT 2022?

What are the advantages of appearing for CAT 2022?

Through the CAT exam, students seek admission to Postgraduate programmes in Management and Business Studies. It is a single window to get into the old, baby and new IIMs and other top Indian B-Schools. But the reasons that make MBA a desirable course for many and reasons to appear for the CAT exam are:

  1. As discussed above, CAT is a gateway for MBA aspirants to get admission to IIMs and top B-Schools in India. It helps the candidates to get high-quality education in the fields of Business Administration and Management.
  2. Once an individual secures a seat in a good B-School, they are exposed to the best training. Due to intensive training, the individual becomes efficient and such skills help them fetch high-paying job positions.
  3. Since MBA is a professional course, it helps individuals develop an aptitude for the field. Therefore, MBA graduates are preferred for higher positions at organisations than non-MBA graduates.
  4. MBA gives a holistic overview of the present market and the trends in the field. There are multiple specialisations associated with the course. The individuals can choose from the available specialisations according to their interests and skills. The scope for further growth increases as the individuals are given more and more exposure. Common areas of MBA specialisations are Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Consulting, etc. 
  5. The wide range of specialisations in MBA courses opens up enormous opportunities for individuals. Keeping their interest focused, the individuals can find vivid and varied job profiles.
  6. MBA facilitates the individuals to develop an attitude and aptitude for business. There is a lot of networking provided during the two-year MBA programme. These skills come in handy for individuals willing to start their businesses. The individuals are not only applying the acquired skills and knowledge but also creating employment for others. The individual’s learning is not just beneficial to them but also to others.
  7. Ensuring academic diversity in the programme is a major focus of the selection panel. Therefore, the individuals have a lot to bring to the table. MBA curriculum includes learning beyond the prescribed syllabus. This aspect of an MBA makes the programme more meaningful and lively, fostering the holistic development of the individuals enrolled.

Besides these advantages, an MBA is associated with a lot of prestige. The programme is expensive, but the related opportunities make it worth it. 

So, it is highly advised that if you wish to make a career in the field of Business administration and management, MBA is the best choice for you. MBA not only shapes you as a person but also opens up new opportunities for further growth. Moreover, the attitude development element of the programme surely helps the individuals devise their path.

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