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Can you get married on a Student visa in the UK?

Subject to meeting specific requirements, the short answer is yes – you certainly can get married whilst on a Student visa in the UK. If you happen to have met your significant other whilst studying in the UK, there are generally no restrictions that will stop you from solidifying your relationship through marriage. You can also switch from your Student visa onto the Spouse visa UK route. However, there are important eligibility requirements that must be met beforehand.

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Can you get married on a UK Student visa?

You can get married if you are residing in the UK on a valid Student visa. A valid Student visa is one that has not yet expired, meaning you must still have permission to stay in the UK on the planned date of your marriage. If you are concerned that your visa may expire before the date on which you intend to marry in the UK, you must either extend your Student visa or, if applicable, you can apply for a Spouse visa.

Further, your relationship must be genuine. You must give your local registry office notice that you intend to marry before you actually get married. The registry office will then notify the Home Office of your intention to marry in the UK. During this time, there will be great emphasis placed on deciphering whether your relationship is genuine or not, by the registry office and the Home Office, and investigations can be made. Hence, it is significant that your relationship is genuine and not a sham, which is solely for the purposes of obtaining a Spouse visa in the UK. In order to prove that your relationship is genuine, you can evidence that you and your partner have lived together and in addition to this, you can provide items such as photos or documentation addressed to you both. 

You must not plan to enter the UK on a Student visa with the intention to get married. This is illegal and deceptive behaviour. If you do so, you will face serious consequences, as immigration officials will inevitably catch you out.

Can you switch from a Student visa to a Spouse visa in the UK?

Whether or not you can switch from a Student visa to a Spouse visa depends on your individual circumstances. It is recommended that you seek legal advice for a through assessment before you make an application to switch. Generally, you can switch from a Student visa UK to a Spouse visa subject to meeting specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • You are in a genuine marriage or civil partnership, that is recognised in the UK;
  • Or you have been living together with your partner in a relationship, for a minimum of two years;
  • Your partner must be a British Citizen or settled in the UK;
  • You must prove your knowledge of English;
  • You must meet the financial requirement.

There are exceptions to meeting the above criteria where there are children involved, you and your partner would face insurmountable obstacles if you were made to leave the UK or it would be a breach of your human rights.

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What is the decision time for a UK Spouse visa application?

It is currently taking up to 24 weeks to process a UK Spouse visa application. Unfortunately, priority and super-priority services, which enable a substantially quicker decision time, have temporarily been suspended for all new family visa applications.

Our legal professionals at Kamran & Co Solicitors have successfully obtained UK Spouse visas for countless valued clients. We prioritise our clients’ needs and understand that there are many sentiments behind the immigration process. Our expert immigration solicitors are here to guide you in depth, whilst ensuring that your UK visa application is completed in such a manner that maximises your chances of success. Contact Kamran & Co Solicitors today for a no obligation consultation regarding your immigration matter.

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