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Can Windows VPS Hosting With BTC Solve The Payment Problem?

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Windows VPS with bitcoin Solution for the Payment Problems

Windows VPS hosting – VPS is a virtual private server that enables a user to host his website virtually. Through virtualization technology, we can establish a coating on the physical server and allocate resources for web hosting.

This technology effectively uses physical server resources without sharing them with anyone. It is a partition of the physical server allocated to all the users according to the requirement.

While using VPS hosting, you don’t face downtime and speed issues. You can host a website with VPS on both Operating systems, i.e., Linux and Windows. Here we will discuss only the Windows VPS hosting to guide you further. 

Windows VPS hosting refers to the use virtual server on Windows Operating System to host your website. Windows VPS provides flexible hosting with increasing or decreasing CPU, RAM, and storage capacity efficiently in real-time bandwidth.

As a result, you don’t need to install the software again and again to manage your resource capacity. Moreover, it provides robust security, better control, and an easy-to-use solution. 

Can we buy Windows VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies?

The world technological revolution is in progress and affects all industries and sectors. Similarly, cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets are replacing online banking and payment systems. According to a study, there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation.

The top three cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether USD (USDT). Of these three, Bitcoin is the most highly-used cryptocurrency, as approximately 40,000 transactions are made daily as of January 2021.

Many digital companies have now facilitated their clients to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such as, Navicosoft is offering its users to pay for Windows VPS hosting with BTC and others. 

Bitcoin is a widely accepted cryptocurrency among merchants and is entrusted 100% by people. So, now you can make a VPS Bitcoin payment to experience the best hosting. Its convenience makes it a better choice for VPS windows. Further, we will elaborate on the VPS windows with Bitcoin as a problem solver.

How Buying Windows VPS hosting with BTC is problem free?

Now we will discuss the problems you can face with conventional payment methods and their solutions through Bitcoin payments.

User anonymity and security

While using a traditional payment system, i.e., banks, your information is already shared with the bank authorities, who can track your transaction with the locations. So, this information may leak and cause security threats. Whereas, No other personal information than your wallet address is required for Bitcoin Payments.

Bitcoin uses user identification codes and has more than one public key, which ensures no general tracking, and only the user can track the transactions. If your wallet becomes public, you can generate another wallet address to keep your personal information safe. 

Transaction Speed for Windows VPS hosting

Bitcoin doesn’t involve an extended verification and exchange process, so it is an instant mode of Payment even across borders. Therefore, it doesn’t need to follow the bank’s working hours of 8 am-5 pm, and you can transact your money anytime within 24 hours.

Moreover, due to decentralization, payment verification takes a few minutes. You can imagine your Windows VPS hosting plan expires today at midnight, and you will have to pay for its renewal. Your conventional banks will allow the transaction, but it will take at least 2-5 days for confirmation which is not feasible.

High International Transaction costs 

Banks charge at least 2-3% of the total transaction as international transaction tax. Meanwhile, the global transaction charges for buying your Windows VPS plan will be at most 1% of the total cost. So the transaction cost is lower than standard payment methods.

Centralized Payment with conventional modes

Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system and doesn’t require any bank as the authority. As you are the owner and guard of your money, banks don’t play any role in transacting through Bitcoin.

So, no viable taxation and other service charges are involved, and you don’t need to worry about high taxes for even international transactions as charged in banks.

Theoretically, it provides autonomy and control over your money which is the main advantage of using VPS Bitcoin payment. So, Bitcoin paved the way to solve the problem of long-awaited verification.

Global Acceptance for buying Windows VPS hosting 

Cryptocurrencies are now accepted worldwide, and people find them suitable for inter-state transactions. For example, Bitcoin is used to buy things globally, such as coffee, meals, etc. Similarly, you can buy VPS and pay with Bitcoin if the host company accepts this payment mode.

Moreover, every currency is exchangeable with Bitcoin, whereas traditional Payment can delay the process due to verifications. Especially, for digital marketing, web hosting and other hosting businesses take it as a primary benefit of the Bitcoin payment method. Finally, Bitcoin has resolved the problem of accepting dollars, pounds, or Yuan.

Fraudulent Transaction and Chargebacks

All the transactions are performed on a public blockchain ledger, so everyone can access how, when, and where the money has been transacted. This level of transparency can reduce fraudulent transactions.

Moreover, when talking about fraudulent chargebacks, 80% of decisions are made wrongly. In disputes, most card issuers decide in favor of the user or customer, so the merchant has to pay fraudulent charges. While paying through Bitcoin, chargebacks are not allowed without VPS host permission. 

Which Companies Accept Bitcoin Payment? 

Navicosoft – a creative and collaborative digital marketing company, eases its Payment for Windows VPS Hosting through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As a result, you can reliably enjoy the best VPS hosting services with Navicosoft without going into transaction hassles. 

Wrapping up

Conclusively, cryptocurrency is today’s reality; one day, it will overtake all payment methods. Digital marketing and web hosting companies like Navicosoft believe in being conversant in all aspects. Purchasing Windows VPS hosting with BTC is feasible, hassle-free, and cost-effective.

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