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Can Internal Signages Help in Wayfinding?

An internal sign plays a difference-making role. It is significant for the representation and growth of your brand or business. An internal or external sign aids the users for different purposes.

 At Signworld UK, we make signages for outdoor and indoor usage. 

If the question, “can internal signages help in wayfinding?” is popping into your mind, you have landed on the right page. The answer to this is yes. The interior sign boards are beneficial in wayfinding. 

A majority of people may think that only outdoor signs are in need. But it is not the case. For any business, internal signages are as crucial as exterior signs. Besides promotion and targeting customers, wayfinding is another essential function of signage.

This post will tell you how internal signs help us in wayfinding. So, without any further delay, let’s get into it. 

 Wayfinding and cruciality of Internal Signages 

Imagine yourself as a first-time visitor to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This museum is in Washington, DC. You are standing helpless at the help desk, looking around to find a way. Guess who is going to help you? 

The answer is; that only an internal sign displayed for wayfinding purposes will help. The Smithsonian museum is one of the most prominent museums, with more than 7 million visitors annually. To guide every tourer about the location and directions is impossible for a single person. 

So, places with this much footfall use interior signboards for wayfinding. This technique is now widespread. It aids the management and staff in organizing and regulating visitors without trouble. 

At the end of the outsiders, a wayfinding board displayed at the entry point of a building is a blessing. They don’t have to wait for any guide to tell them how they can reach their desired location. All you have to do is to enter, go to the wayfinding signboard and navigate yourself on your own. Easy-breezy!

 Internal Signages for Receptions of offices 

For the receptions of large office buildings such as banks, the wayfinding signs are a big must. They have a large volume of daily visitors. The reception staff can’t explain directions to every person one by one.

You are well aware of wayfinding boards if you work as a receptionist at an office with 50 floors. No one can know the importance of these way-tellers as much as you can. Whenever a naive visitor asks you about a way to the washroom. 

All you have to do is to point at the board and focus on your work. 

In the United Kingdom, buildings have even 60+ floors. Now you can imagine that the visitants and work are impossible to manage together. We, Signworld UK, are working with many companies all over the country. Our signs make work visits easy and straightforward. 

We manufacture high-quality and well-explanatory direction-telling signages. We have made a record of happy customers and long-term clients.

Wayfinding at Shopping Malls 

After offices and banks, shopping malls are the most-visited places. They have thousands of buyers and “explorers” daily. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Dubai have sky-touching shopping malls. 

At the entrance of every floor, you can witness an internal sign serving the purpose of wayfinding. The point is to navigate the outsiders towards their wanted location without creating any mess. So, we can say that wayfinding signboards also help in the shopping. 

Wayfinding Maps in Auditoriums and Stadiums

Nobody goes to a stadium or an auditorium daily; of course, there is no need. Whenever any stadium or auditorium conducts an event, most visitors are new. The interior signs are necessary to help them with directions, 

As an event manager, you would not like mismanagement and wrong navigation of visitors. Event management is undoubtedly a skill and a hard nut to crack. A well-designed and the best-made wayfinding sign can be your best helping hand. 


Wayfinding signages are very important and an innovative sub-category of internal signs. These visitor-navigating boards are for channelizing footfall in any crowded place. The museums, auditoriums, malls, large buildings, stadiums, and many other highly-visited always have a wayfinding sign. 

At Signworld UK, our experts make top-notch wayfinding signs for our clients. You can place your order from anywhere across the United Kingdom. Happy growing! 

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