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Buy Azzaro Sport by Azzaro for Men

In 1978, the company’s founder, Loris Azzaro, launched a fragrance division for the brand. Since then, the company has released almost 100 luxury, distinctive smells. These scents, which are offered in both male and female variants, are created with the highest-quality components to offer scents that may be worn at any time and in any setting.

An fragrant fougere scent for men, Azzaro Sport Eau de Toilette. This scent is entirely new. Azzaro Sport Eau de Toilette was released in 2022. The top note is grapefruit, the middle note is clary sage, and the base notes are tonka bean and sandalwood. Base tones of earthy musk, smoky cedar, and balsamic amber support this scent. In the middle of the fragrance, ginger, oxygen, and freshly cut grass are blended with various fresh, watery notes. When Azzaro first started, it was an expensive clothing label. If you looking for buying the best Azzaro Sport by Azzaro for men at an affordable price.

Different types of Azzaro sport perfumes?

Wanted by night

The Most Wanted for Men-Wanted by Night, one of the books in this Azzaro series, was my favorite. Since then, The Most Wanted has replaced it and is better than both of its predecessors. The Most Wanted begins off sweeter with a little spice. Actually, the cardamom note has two functions: it is spicy and conveys the impression that the fruitiness is fruity, like lemon. This also includes silky caramel and bourbon vanilla, which elevate it to a delicious gourmet. It’s not a thick or dense aroma, though. The Most Wanted is a very fresh perfume, with vetiver and a woodsy green scent rising from the base. The acting is superb, and this might easily become a staple of nightclub or date night attire.

The most wanted

A very reasonably priced, spotless, and incredibly fresh scent that is suitable for daily use by men. Citrus notes are combined simply but effectively in chrome. Chrome’s beginning notes of rich, juicy citrus notes of pineapple and lemon give the cologne a joyful, upbeat vibe. These two are connected by a good neroli, which gives the chrome an additional hint of soapiness. Aquatic smells, a light metallic undertone, and woods at the base are all discernible when wearing. After all these years, Chrome is still a classic that works effectively and has a beautiful aroma. Very easy to wear and always fashionable.


The 1970s are referenced in a macho manner, yet it doesn’t appear out of date. Leather, lavender, wood, and sandalwood are a few of the notes that Azzaro mixes. It has a woodsy, herbal, and spicy aroma. I immediately pick up on anise, cedar, and a dry, earthy scent. The spice provides a cooling and refreshing effect, in contrast to its reputation as having a hot, harsh impact. The spice is mellowed and calmed when coupled with leather and lavender. Azzaro Pour Homme is best worn in the late fall through early spring. The program continues to be top-notch and hasn’t gotten any worse over time. An excellent choice for guys seeking a mature, clean, and woodsy scent.

Azzaro chrome extreme

I’ll still consider this one of the best despite not liking the bitter orange note. That tone reminds me too much of L’eau D’Issey Nuit or Terre D’Hermes, both of which I didn’t like but which a lot of other people did. I’ll include this one here for you to check out even though I don’t think it’s quite as bad as the other two colognes because it is one of the most well-known Azzaro scents. In reality, winter is quite pleasant. Fresh spice and wood are beneath the somewhat worn-out citrus and rhubarb.

How long did Azzaro intend for the night?

Since Wanted by Night is a highly stable fragrance and Azzaro has done a fantastic job with longevity and performance in general, you can expect it to last you for at least 7 to 8 hours. There isn’t much to say about the quality and projection of this scent because you will get more than you paid for it. Azzaro gave us a lot of things for a pittance, but he also gave us a sensuality and masculinity that will improve our looks for a very long time.

Another perk is silage, which will draw compliments because it will surely linger up to 4 or 5 feet away from you and remain odorous for several hours later. Although the sillage lasts for nearly 4 hours, I only experience projection for up to 2 hours. However, people who get close to me like, really close can feel it.

What does Azzaro Chrome extreme want the night to smell like?

Warm, spicy, and masculine, Wanted by Night is a scent that almost any man would love to wear. It also appears to be a well-balanced composition. Given how much bolder, more complex, mature, and sophisticated it is than the original Wanted, I did not expect this perfume to make me feel as sensual and alluring as it did.

I’m confident in saying that the perfumers gave their all into crafting this display of Azzaro and didn’t waste any of it. A steady and rich symphony is created by expertly and deliberately blending the notes.


A premium brand for the finest and best perfumes is Azzaro. The scents stood out for their elegance and superior quality because they were developed in support of the founder Loris Azzaro’s concept. Sicilian-born designer Loris Azzaro rose to recognition in the late 1960s for his glitzy, seductive attire. In 1975, the company expanded to include fragrances and debuted Azzaro perfume for ladies. Today, under the direction of the current artistic director Vanessa Seward, the company continues to release the newest fragrances.

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