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Build Your Brand Identity With Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App
Gojek Clone App

Competition in the app market is sizzling right now. In 2022, more and more businesses are opting for online platforms and launching mobile apps under their brand names. The primary reason companies launch mobile apps is – to provide a high-performing platform where customers can interact with the brand and shop. Thus, it becomes significant for them to pay attention to branding. Let me tell you that with the Gojek Clone app, any business can create stunning mobile app branding.

Questions to Consider When Building the Brand Application

To build a brand, you need to ask a few questions about the app. Here’s a list of all the questions you can begin with.

  • Who will use the app, and for what purpose?
  • What’s the USP of the multi-service app?
  • Does the app look appealing with the set logo, illustrations, color theme, etc.?
  • How will customers interact with the business using the app?

This set of information will help you form a general approach you’ll use to influence the customers.

How does the Gojek Clone App help to Create Powerful Branding?

After you have defined everything that the app will do, it is time to set the brand image. Here’s how an app like Gojek helps to create a brand image that earns a customer base, profits, and growth!

1.   Using logo everywhere

A logo is a visual symbol that represents the brand. There can be different types of logos like symbols, a letter mark, logotypes, etc. However, the fundamental purpose is – they represent the brand so that customers can identify them.

Now, the Gojek-like app allows the white-labeling experts to integrate the brand name and logo everywhere on the app and the website. Moreover, the brand name and logo also appear on the app’s introductory and loading screens.

2.   Graphics

It is necessary to keep the visuals original to develop a strong brand. Thus, guaranteeing that the Gojek Clone app is unique and aesthetic enough to draw the customer’s attention is required at this point. These are some of the “visual” graphic content you need to look at:

  • Logo
  • A theme illustration
  • Splash screen
  • Tutorial
  • High-quality photos

3.   Referring a friend

Another important aspect of branding is connecting with potential customers. Referring to a friend and earning a reward is one of the best ways to increase user interaction on the app. Here, the customer can invite a friend using their referral code. If one of their friends registers with the app and books the first service, the customer gets monetary benefits. In brief, the more people refer, the more downloads the app will get.

4.   Built-in customer support

Your branding is incomplete without customer support service. Providing the option for customer support is very important. Thus, you must provide options to the customers where they can contact a responsible person regarding their feedback or queries and issues.

The Gojek Clone app allows your customers to get 24×7 customer support services. Besides, a feedback section always appears on the screen after the service is completed. In the feedback form, the customers are asked if the delivery was contactless, their experience, was the delivery partner wearing a face mask, etc.

How does the Gojek Clone App Create Powerful Branding?

You will find a great mobile app for your multi-service business at a white-labeling firm. A white-labeling firm is where you can find pre-built solutions. The app developers will then integrate the branding components, services, features, and everything else you want.

Wrapping Up

Branding with the Gojek Clone app is a thoughtful process. You have plenty of options to get the attention of your customers. Therefore, if you want to increase sales and start raking in millions and billions in profits, connect with a white-labeling firm with a globally-reputed remark. Take the right step today and launch the app!

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