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Boho Chic: A Guide for the Modern Woman

Laidback, carefree, and romantic–these are the words most often used to describe the boho style. It’s a trend that gets revived year after year, especially when the days grow longer and temperatures start to rise.

You may have seen popular celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Dixie d’Amelio, and Sydney Sweeney go full-on bohemian with their outfits at this year’s Coachella. Make no mistake, though–boho is something you can definitely wear all-year round, no matter the season or climate.

Why go boho? Even if you’re not someone who subscribes to trends, it’s a great way to look stylish without exerting much effort. The whole philosophy behind boho style is driven by the fact that it looks and feels easy and comfortable. Bohemian style also means going back to basics, making use of raw and natural materials to bring texture and visual interest to any outfit.

It’s also a less costly and more sustainable way to express yourself through your clothing. Having solidified itself in the ‘70s, you can find plenty of Boho-style pieces at your local thrift store or vintage clothing shop. And as above, going Boho means utilizing natural elements that have been through less processing, thus lessening the burden on our environment.

It isn’t hard at all to become a Boho baddie. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the style into your existing wardrobe. Here’s how to make it Boho, but chic:

Start with the small things

Are you still in the beginning stages of embracing your inner Bohemian? You can incorporate elements of Boho into your OOTD without having to jump headlong into it.

Accessories are a great place to start. Most people think “flower crown” when they hear the word Bohemian, but you don’t have to go there until you’re ready for it. Hair clips or pins that feature natural-looking flowers can add that same touch of whimsy to any outfit, but more subtly.

Another easy way to add Boho elements to your daily look is with jewelry. Nothing says Bohemian quite like raw gemstone rings such as the ones available from Ice Imports. Their jewelry is made with a wide variety of stones and metals in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

You can pair one of their raw gemstone rings, such as this dumortierite quartz ring, with your favorite work or date night outfit. Rough-cut and set in 925 sterling silver, you’ll feel like you have a small piece of a star on your hand.

Another great option from their collection of raw gemstone rings is this square cut rose quartz ring. Rose quartz is believed to be a healing crystal that is associated with strong feelings of love, joy, femininity, and abundance. Its square shape gives it a classic appearance that goes well with any ensemble.

Embrace earth tones

Bohemians are nature-lovers who love to spend time outdoors. It makes sense, then, for them to gravitate towards earthy tones when it comes to fashion.

Since summer is the best season to go Boho, white is a staple color in Bohemian fashion. Pieces in soft green, brown, light blue, and gold can instantly give off that grounded, natural feeling, too.

A simple way to make any outfit Boho is to wear something made with natural materials. Leather, suede, and hemp are all great choices that can add colors and textures evoking the outdoors. Another option is to incorporate patterns that call nature to mind. Florals are a Boho staple, but you can also go for animal or tribal prints for a distinctive and organic vibe. 

Think comfy, but classy

Oversized pieces are a key element in Boho style–think wide-brimmed hats, ‘70s-inspired statement sunglasses, and loose, flowy fits. However, it’s all too easy to go overboard. People who go too big often look like their clothes and accessories are wearing them instead of the other way around.

The secret to “Boho, but chic” is balance. Yes, comfort is an absolute must, both in how a piece of clothing looks and feels. Still, you don’t want to look unkempt. Balancing an oversized top with bottoms that fit slightly closer to the body and vice versa creates a neater silhouette. Wearing a flowy skirt? Pair it with a tight crop top to emphasize that A-line. 

Layering is another neat trick to creating that perfect silhouette with Boho clothing. A lightweight caftan or kimono over a patterned romper can be a great brunch ensemble. It also gives you options should the weather change while you’re out.

Bringing Boho into your life doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. You don’t even have to buy new things to adopt this trend–everything you need may already be in your mother’s closet. Just think back to the tips here when deciding what to wear and how to wear them, and you’ll be looking groovy in no time. For more Bohemian accessories like raw gemstone rings, check out Ice Imports today. Their catalog of eye-catching accessories is an excellent place to browse.

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