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Blue World City Best Seller Partner is TimeSquare Marketing

Blue World City Close to the main Islamabad airport, in Islamabad, lies the economically advantageous residential area known as Islamabad Housing Society. Additionally, it is close to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will link the community to Rawalpindi. Blue World City is a symbol of Pakistan-China Amity since it was the first private home society scheme to be created in tandem with a Chinese investment firm.

The project is legally launched for reservations, and various sizes of residential and commercial real estate are being offered on a very simple installation schedule. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted the project its NOC (RDA).

Location and Idea of Blue World City

The greatest residential community to enjoy a quality lifestyle that gives strong connection and has a variety of amenities to lead an extravagant lifestyle is Blue World City, which has a distinctive touch of luxury life inside the community. The project is unique to the Twin Cities.

This exclusive gated neighborhood’s opulent homes and flats are situated on the prominent Chakri Road. It is located close to the New Islamabad International Airport in a residential neighborhood. Many other societies, like Capital Smart city, are being developed in this region. Every significant region in Islamabad and Rawalpindi will have direct access to it via the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Investment in Islamabad Blue World City

Blue World City is a well-designed, cutting-edge, opulent residential development and one of the safest real estate investments in Islamabad. With a growing population and skyrocketing real estate prices in Islamabad, the commercial and governmental center of Pakistan, as is well known, Blue World City presents the best investment opportunity right now to stretch your principal capital through investments in its residential and commercial projects.

Blue World City Amenities

People search for possibilities and amenities in a society before investing, thus developers have taken great care to create amenities and services that are unmatched by other societies in order to draw in investors and also for residential use.

Gated Neighborhood

It will be a gated community, much like any other housing society. The society’s main entrance is already exquisitely encircled. Unapproved individuals will not be allowed in the housing scheme. The boundary wall will be built around it to provide additional security. To prevent undesirable behaviors, society will also adopt new features like facial recognition and key cards.

Sui Gas, Power, And Water

The location of Blue World City Islamabad is rather remote. In this location, it might be difficult to get Sui Gas, power, and water connections. Developers are having a difficult time offering these features because of this. The workers are working day and night to make the investors’ lives easier and to provide them with necessities like gas, water, and electricity that are available around-the-clock so that the residents of this community may live in peace.

Educational Institutions and A Thriving Business District

With the CPEC road nearby and the society being master-planned by Blue World City as one of the state’s top commercial destinations, the economic potential are endless. For the comfort of the populace, the master design of this extraordinary civilization includes educational institutions of the highest worldwide standards in every sphere of the society.

24/7 Protection

Blue World City Islamabad takes seriously its responsibility to ensure the security and safety of both its residents and visitors. The housing society will have security cameras installed that are operational around-the-clock. They have also engaged a specialized squad of professional security guards in addition to this. In order to give the tenants a stress-free and safe atmosphere, they will watch these cameras to keep a check on the activity in the plan.

A Huge System of Carpeted Roadways

The infrastructure of the society will include large roadways covered with carpet. Road construction has already begun. All of the components of the housing concept will be connected by a network of streets and roads that will be built. The intended widths of the roadways are 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet. Along with the construction of sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, green belts will grow along the highways.

Public Transportation

Inside the housing society, Blue World City will have a local transit system. From the main entrance to every other block of the housing society, it will offer a transportation service. Visitors can also learn about society by using this network.

Electricity Generation

Similar to water scarcity, load shedding is another issue that twin cities residents deal with. The goal of Blue World City is to create a civilization without load shedding. They intended to build a power plant inside the community. The electricity generated by the power plant will guarantee that there is enough energy available to meet everyone’s daily needs.

What Further Benefits Does Blue World City Have to Give Its Cherished Investor?

A stimulus for attracting purchasers is a property’s lower pricing compared to other real estate projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as its excellent connectivity and proximity to the airport. An easier commute is guaranteed by the projected ring road project’s improved public transit as well as the availability of buses, taxis, and app rides around the clock. A well-designed city structure ensures that the area won’t have significant water logging, sanitary challenges, or trash disposal problems. Real estate investing in Blue World City offers security to individuals seeking risk-free investments.

Not the one, this. The housing society offers such as Mid City Housing Lahore all the amenities that any other society would offer, including Lahore Smart City and a number of other amenities that the housing plan established in the region to make it a prime location for both investment and residing. Therefore, book a spot because they are reasonably priced. Your plots may be reserved with TimeSquare Marketing.

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